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Why PIN Locks Matter

By July 11, 2013February 26th, 2019No Comments

In the lastest release of the Kashoo iPad app (version 2.2), we included a new security feature: PIN lock. Lately, PINs have become a hotly debated topic. Having nothing to do with Pinterest, the question remains: to PIN or not to PIN? We say PIN and here’s why:

  • Customers have asked for it. Data security is immensely important to us. We know it’s a top priority for customers. And while we listen to every customer suggestion (really, we do!), we build in features based on trends versus individual requests. In the case of PIN lock, it’s a request that has come in with steady frequency over time since we launched the App Store’s first accounting iPad app. And the reasons vary: some don’t want to have to log in and out each time they want to view their data when they leave their iPad for just a few minutes… some appreciate an additional layer of security. In the end, as with any new feature, we determine the trend, gauge mass appeal/sentiment and build something that is both functional and unlikely to interrupt the user experience.
  • Mobile devices are personal. Should your iPad ever fall into the wrong hands, the list of things you need to address is long. (For starters: get familiar with locking, tracking and remote erasing.) But back to the hypothetically lost iPad. You need to disconnect apps accessing things like your Twitter account, your Facebook Page, your maps (home address?)… the list goes on. With the Kashoo PIN locked, it’s our intent to give you one less thing to worry about should you find yourself in this scenario.
  • Yet at the same time, they’re shared. For the small business owner running a company and a family, there’s a good chance that the iPad they use for work is the same one they’ll pass to the backseat in hopes of keeping the kids quiet during a long car ride. Of course the concern here isn’t snooping, but rather inadvertent tapping. Because we focus on minimizing the steps it takes for our customers to execute accounting tasks within the Kashoo iPad app, a PIN lock prevents junior, bored of watching Spongebob, from, say, marking a handful of invoices as paid when they are, in fact, very much outstanding.
  • But what if I forget my PIN? We’ve designed the PIN lock that should you fail to enter the right PIN three times, you’re automatically logged out of the app and presented with the login screen (at which you don’t need the PIN). But if you think about it, a four digit PIN should be easier to remember than a hard and fast password.
  • But can’t someone guess my PIN? In theory, but there are exactly 10,000 four digit numbers. The key is selecting a random PIN. No birthdays. No anniversaries. No all zeroes. No 1234. A good PIN is up to you and known only by you. If you use the iPad general PIN lock, make sure your Kashoo PIN lock is different. For some tips on PIN selection, check out this helpful article.

As always, we encourage your feedback. Shoot us an email and we’ll chat!


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