Simple accounting apps
to make your job easier.

Accounting software becomes pointless unless your client actually knows how to use them. We focus on creating easy-to-understand systems that make understanding easier, and your life more stress-free.

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What stage of their business are your clients in?

I just need to send an
invoice or two.

TS Invoices allow your clients to have a record of their Income without any additional effort.

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They need to start tracking income and expenses

TS Accounting makes it easy for you to quickly review. Everything is automatically categorized.

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They have a mature and unique business.

Kashoo allows for ultimate control while still offering a simple to use interface for your client.

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Their business is just starting. How can we get them to start tracking?

Get them to start invoicing! And we’ll keep track of their revenue and recoverable expenses.

  • Create an Invoice and Send
  • Get Paid Digitally
  • Automatic Reminders

Their business is picking up but they’re not ready for traditional accounting software.

Get all their data flowing into one workspace. We’ll handle the rest.

  • Automate the accounting workflow
  • Prevent user-error with built-in safeguards
  • Review and post easily with time-saving features
  • Complete reconciliation automatically in the background

They’ve been in business for a while and their business is complex and unique.

It’s time for ultimate control and personalization. Traditional accounting software to grow with you.

  • Fully customizable chart of accounts
  • Detailed reporting whenver you need them
  • In-depth organization and tracking
  • Easy bank reconciliation

Simple, affordable and tailored to you.

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