Simple accounting apps
to make your job easier

No matter the stage of your client’s business Kashoo has purpose-built tools to help them keep track of their financial records. Reduce the time looking for and correcting client data when you recommend accounting solutions that are easy to understand, use and prevent errors.

What stage of their business are your clients in?

They just need to send invoices.

TS Invoices allow your clients to have a record of their Income without any additional effort.

They need to start tracking income and expenses

TS Accounting makes it easy for you to quickly review. Everything is automatically categorized.

They have a mature and unique business

Kashoo allows for ultimate control while still offering a simple to use interface for your client.

Their business is just starting. How can we get them to start tracking?

How do you get a small business owner to start tracking their financials when they’re just starting out? Get them to start invoicing! And we’ll keep track of their revenue and recoverable expenses.

Their business is picking up but they’re not ready for traditional accounting software

We get it. Sometimes you just don’t have time for accounting. Our TrulySmall Accounting tool automates the accounting workflow while using built-in safeguards to ensure the numbers are always accurate and up-to-date. All you have to do is review their numbers and post.

They’ve been in business for a while and their business is complex and unique

When your clients’ business grows, so do their needs. Kashoo gives them (and you) the customization they need with detailed reporting, a simple user interface, and all the functionality to make your life easier.

Real people who are there when your client need it.

Our world-class customer success team is available through live chat, phone, or email—meaning your clients can always find help when they need it (and won’t have to bother you about software questions!)