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A Kashoo Company Update from CEO Jim Secord

By October 2, 2012January 18th, 2022No Comments

A few weeks ago, we got our whole team together for a few days to do some annual planning. We thought it’d be valuable to share what we covered and, more importantly, where we’re headed as a company and a product.

We dove into the customer survey we conducted this summer. If you took the time to respond, we appreciate it. Your feedback goes a long way in helping us shape our product roadmap. As we spent (many) hours discussing the results and trends of the survey, a common theme emerged: a call for more insight into the company and direction of the product. So without wasting any time, here are a few actionable items we came away with to work on this year…

  • On the bank integration and reconciliation front, we’re going to make it easier for you to set up new banks and credit cards.
  • We’re also going to work towards more robust reporting: simpler data controls, easy sharing, better tax reporting and nicer aesthetics. And we’re going to come out with more report options, per your request.
  • Having a simpler method of going through business configuration for initial setup and future changes.
  • Improved multi-currency support is also high on the list, along with the ability to set billing currency for each of your clients/customers.
  • And finally, high on our new features list is your wish to have recurring invoicing and expenses.

We’re all about the iPad and it’s awesome potential to help entrepreneurs run their businesses. For them, it’s all about giving immediate, real-time insight into their business and making it easier to manage record keeping. To that extent, the forthcoming version of the Kashoo iPad app is going to be great. In parallel, we’re going to build out a number of new features for the web that are designed specifically to help the accountants and bookkeepers of the world (aka, Kashoo MVPs) collaborate with their clients.

Lastly, a quick thought about your Kashoo relationship. Our goal is to provide you with accounting software that’s easy-to-use, simple, in real-time and actually “real accounting.” More than that, we’re here to give you the ability to focus on growing your business, not getting bogged down in your books. We want to keep the lines of communication open. Tell us what you want to see. Tell us what you love. Tell us what you hate! Shoot us an email, connect on Twitter or drop a comment on Facebook. Because as we’ve said before, we’re building this for you.

Thanks again for trusting your accounting to Kashoo. Oh. And if you’re here for the “special surprise” mentioned in the newsletter, see below. Lightning bolt pants and all…

– Jim


Jim Secord — SaaS CEO by day Wannabe Rockstar by night

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