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Accounting Basics

Recapping Sleeter 2012

By October 30, 2012January 18th, 2022No Comments

Team Kashoo recently returned from the one of the accounting industry’s biggest events: the Sleeter Group’s Accounting Solutions Conference. We have lots to report on.

First, let’s talk attendance. Sleeter truly is the annual destination for industry thought leaders in the accounting and bookkeeping profession. It’s “where consultants, partners, developers, and accountants from across North America gather to collaborate, network, inspire and, of course, the discuss the latest in accounting tech innovations.”

Our biggest takeaway was the conversations around the cloud and online accounting software. Just a few years ago, these conversations were in the context of “What is the cloud?” Now, it’s all about recognition. Accountants and bookkeepers are definitely aware of and interested in how cloud technology can better service their clients. The question is now, “I know I need to get my firm and my clients into the cloud—how can you all help?”

That dovetails nicely into the hundreds of Kashoo iPad app demos we did. Yes, hundreds! The only time our iPads seemed to leave our hands was when we were handing it over to a bookkeeper, eager to give the Kashoo app a spin.

Not only are accountants becoming more mobile, but so too are their clients. And that’s what matters to them: “How is your cloud-based product going to delight my customers?” We love to hear that; we’re building solutions to make accountants and bookkeepers look awesome and allow them to forge deeper relationships with their clients.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we unveiled the new Kashoo mascot, a pleasantly plump inflatable pig. You’d be amazed at the conversation starting power this guy has! Soon we’ll be holding a “Name that Pig” contest, so start thinking of one.


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