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Kashoo is One of the Top-Five QuickBooks™ Alternatives

By August 24, 2017December 1st, 2023No Comments

Kashoo is a GetApp Category LeaderIt’s a question we get a lot. How does Kashoo compare to QuickBooks™ Online? According to GetApp, we’re one of the top-five QuickBooks™ alternatives for small business accounting, for three simple reasons: Kashoo is easier-to-use, it works seamlessly on your iPhone or iPad, and we have world-class support to help you through whatever you’re up against. As GetApp puts it:

You’re on the hunt for new accounting software. You need a tool to manage some small business bookkeeping basics, like bank integrations, payroll functions, and multi-currency conversions. You’d like a lower price point than what QuickBooks Online costs. And you want to use your tool of choice on mobile devices, specifically your iPhone and iPad. 

GetApp Researcher Lauren Maffeo adds:

Shopping for accounting software can be overwhelming. So, it’s tempting for small business owners with borrowed time and budgets to choose the most popular tool without learning if it’s the best fit for them. If small business owners shop for software based on specific needs instead, they’ll make more informed buying decisions.

Why Kashoo is a Great Quickbooks Alternative

Eas(ier) to Use

In the feedback we’ve received from clients, we’ve noticed that ease-of-use is top of the list for small business owners when it comes to doing their own books. They want an accounting app that just works, is intuitive, and isn’t built for accountants.

“I love an application that is user friendly and just down to earth easy to use. That’s what Kashoo is.”
— Kashoo client since 2015

“I find your software very user friendly and you don’t have to be a trained bookkeeper to use it. There is a great need for this in the small business and farm community.”
— Ed M., Kashoo client since 2014

And GetApp agrees!

Kashoo is ideal for small business owners who need quick entry and multi-project accounting. Users can create invoices, manage expenses, view transactions, and connect their payroll.

Grabbing profit and loss statements is a breeze within Kashoo: users can access these from any device. Each action taken in Kashoo is recorded, which means you’re not at your memory’s mercy.

GetApp Reviewer Andy Ponce shares. “I’m on the go a lot, it’s nice to use an accounting software that keeps up with me. [It’s] easy to use.”

Works Wherever You Do

Our incredible mobile apps on iPhone and iPad.Today, mobility is a must for small business owners. Every client we’ve interviewed can’t say enough about having Kashoo with them wherever they are.

Need an income statement when you’re sitting with your bank rep? Done. Need to see how profitable your last sale was? Done. All at your fingertips in just a few taps. Read the reviews on GetApp and see your own business in them.

You’ll notice some patterns when you read reviews of Kashoo on GetApp. Several small business owners note how much they love its iOS app.

GetApp Researcher Lauren Maffeo adds:

Several GetApp reviewers share how much they love Kashoo’s user experience whether they’re on their laptops or iPhones.

We’ve noticed the same pattern with our clients:

“I recommend Kashoo to people all the time. I like the fact that it is cloud-based and has a mobile app.”
— Zev S., Kashoo client since 2013

Out of This World Support & Resources

Our incredible customer success team.The fact remains, as easy as we’ve made our accounting software, you’re still going to have questions. Lots of them. So doesn’t it make sense to provide support however you want it, at no extra cost to you?

We pride ourselves on our incredible customer success team. They help us stand out from the other QuickBooks™ alternatives. GetApp certainly thinks so:

This comes alongside parallel praise for Kashoo’s vast customer service.

GetApp Reviewer Andy Ponce shares. “When I do have questions the customer service is top notch. They also have timely emails and webinars to help you prepare to tax season and the like.”

Kashoo’s Annual plan costs $16.65 per month. This price includes access to free weekly workshops that help new users learn how to balance their books. These workshops include help with mobile accounting, which gives Kashoo an edge for small business owners who want more hands-on help.

And so do our clients:

“Great Cloud based accounting software that incorporates payment processing from third parties! Fantastic customer service! On the whole, excellent value for the price.”
— Naomi W., Kashoo client since 2017

“Kashoo is a simple way for beginners and professionals to input their expenses and sales. It gives you simple and easy reports to suit your needs and extra help and information is available if needed, with great tutorials and examples. If I can use Kashoo accounting and succeed, anyone can!”
Rachel S., Kashoo client since 2013

The Full Comparison

Want to see GetApp’s full comparison chart of Kashoo vs. QuickBooks™ Online? One thing you’ll notice is that Kashoo packs all of the punch of a fully-featured industry heavyweight, in an easy-to-use and mobile product that fits your business. Try it for free today.

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