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#2 and loving it. PC Mag rates Kashoo the SECOND best accounting software

By June 30, 2017December 1st, 2023No Comments

In 1965 Joe Namath was the SECOND pick in the NFL draft. He went on to be a five-time Pro-Bowler, and famously guaranteed victory in Super Bowl III.

In 1984 the Portland Trail Blazers picked Sam Bowie first overall in the NBA draft. The Chicago Bulls selected Michael Jordan SECOND. We know how that turned out.

In 1985 Eric Stoltz was originally cast to play Marty McFly in Back to the Future. Production was stopped as Stoltz wasn’t working out. He was replaced with the director’s SECOND choice—Michael J. Fox.

In 2017 it happened again. Kashoo has been named the SECOND BEST accounting software in a very crowded, competitive market.

PC Mag rates Kashoo as "Excellent", a Strong Second Place Finisher According to PC Mag Kashoo ranks as the second best accounting software. Out of the oodles (literally hundreds) of accounting software out there, we’re SECOND best. We’re on the podium! Congrats to Wave Apps for taking the top spot!

“Kashoo is a strong second place finisher among accounting services for freelancers and sole proprietors.”
-PC Mag, 2017

Two BIG Reasons Why PC Mag Gives Kashoo an “Excellent” Rating

One of the things that makes Kashoo the second best accounting software is our ease-of-use. In fact, it’s a common theme from our client comments. Here are a few Small Business Owners who made those type of comments this past month:

“Very good app. Made accounting so easy.
The user experience is very good. Simple. Service is superb.”

-Philip J., customer since 2014

“User friendly, just easy to use all around.”
-Stacey M., customer since 2011

Our incredible Customer Success Team is another big reason we’re the SECOND best. We compete with some big players who have deep pockets, so providing phone, email, and in-app chat support is just another way we set ourselves apart.

With most accounting software, that kind of support is an extra ($$$) feature that doesn’t come standard. So, it’s a big deal to call in and talk to a friendly human who cares, at no extra cost.

“Amazing tech support and customer service. User friendly interface. Excellent app!!!!!!! This is the 5th bookkeeping software in 10 years (including the industry go-to which just didn’t work for a smaller business like mine) – and I don’t plan on changing services again!!! Well done!!!!”
-Johana G., Kashoo client since 2013

Our incredible Customer Success TeamIn some other reviews we’re really excited about, we rank 17th and 9th out of 300 in specific accounting features. And now we’re #2 with the very reputable PC Mag! When you put that into perspective, it’s pretty hard to be upset about SECOND place! We’re celebrating at Kashoo—so drop by and celebrate with us!

Kashoo is the SECOND BEST ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE. Try it yourself.

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