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Kashoo Clients Reveal the Secrets of Small Business Success

By July 6, 2017November 22nd, 2023No Comments

Most small business owners set out with the same goal—to provide people with a product/service that fills a gap in the market. Kashoo is no different than Neill the Contractor or Gabrielle the Consultant. We didn’t become the Second Best Accounting app by accident either. So what’s the secret of our small business success?

Find Gaps in the Market

One of our goals since the beginning was to create simple, easy to use Accounting software—something Neill and Gabrielle above, or any small business owner could jump right into and not need an accountant to help them do their books every month.

I have been able to use Kashoo without any formal training. The program is very easy to use.
-Viki F., Kashoo client since 2014

Very user friendly compared to other software
-Rudy C., Kashoo client since 2017

The service that you offer is simplistic and complete. You’ve managed to take most of the complications of managing one’s books and made it step-easy.
-Lisa R., Kashoo client since 2015

When we first set out in 2009, there was Quickbooks and—well—Quickbooks. Actually, there were a few other options, but they all required discs to install, backups were necessary, and a degree in Finance was needed just to figure out what to do within the software!

And that was our first goal, to provide an alternative that was easy for people to use:

Easy to use interface for bookkeeping
-Thian-Peng T., Kashoo client since 2013

You made kashoo simple and customizable
-Cristina A., Kashoo client since 2011

An intuitive easy program to use with very good features come tax time.
-Dudley R., Kashoo client since 2012

But what about all those installations issues, or if a user’s computer crashes? There had to be a better option than potentially losing all your data because of a fried hard drive, right?

Change with Technology

That’s how Kashoo’s cloud accounting software came to be. With Google Drive, iCloud, One Drive, Dropbox, it was clear that cloud computing wasn’t the future, it was the present. So why should accounting software be any different?

We have always been extremely satisfied with Kashoo. Indispensable for us are Kashoo’s multi-currency capabilities on its online platform. This is a function QuickBooks, for instance, does not offer in its online form. As a result, people within our organization are able to process our accounting transactions in a centralized fashion from three different countries. Redundancies are eliminated and everybody within the organization can stay up to date! Marvelous. This is exactly what working in the Cloud should be.
-Donnell R., Kashoo client since 2010

Access to my account online which makes it easy to update while traveling.
-Elisabeth R., Kashoo client since 2012

When the iPad came out in 2010, we knew it was a game-changer. Like many small businesses we had to pivot when this new technology hit the market. Some business owners cringe at new technology, some crumple, some concede, and some conquer. Kashoo chose the latter. Our first iOS app was strictly for the iPad, but even as we rolled out that first version, we were developing an iPhone app as well.

Current integration on my iPhone, and it’s layout, is very easy and quick for me to use on the go. Great design!
-Thomas J., Kashoo client since 2012

Kashoo works well whether I use my laptop or tablet.
-Bruce R., Kashoo client since 2013

Be Unique

Finding a gap in the market is great, but what happens when there’s competition? Is there enough business in town for another contractor? Are you going to lose customers if another Yoga studio sets up shop nearby? How do you compete?

For Kashoo, not only are we unique with easy-to-use accounting software, we set ourselves apart with top-notch customer support—that’s not just blowing smoke:

I love your tutorials. Very useful for small business owners. Plus the program is perfect. Very happy to be out from under Quickbooks, which had NO customer service. You always answer my questions, and I don’t feel like it’s a drag for you.
-Jane Z., Kashoo client since 2013

Ease of use, available training, exceptional Customer support, and just fun to use!
-Kathi J., Kashoo client since 2012

Super friendly. Eh!
-Denis T., Kashoo client since 2014

Part of knowing your competition is trying their product/service. Our Success Team recently tried a new competitor’s app and whenever they hit a snag they contacted the competitor support team. The problem was they couldn’t get either a timely or even friendly response, and the “snag” went not just unresolved, but completely ignored.

Listen to your Clients

Just as technology changes, so too will your client’s wants and needs. And here’s the thing, by uniquely offering great customer support, we’re also able to listen to client’s requests for different features MUCH more easily.

Your support is always really responsive, and a interface change I requested was implemented – so happy to deal with a company that cares about your customers needs and listens!
-Glenn G., Kashoo client since 2011

Great customer service. Easy to understand yet detailed bookkeeping software. Constant positive improvements to the software. Great price.
-Susanne M., Kashoo client since 2015

Say what you DO and DO what you say!

There’s a common theme among Kashoo clients; they all want to provide exceptional service to their own customers. They know that at the end of the day, it’s all about making a customer happy, and as a small business owners, the key to their success is the success and happiness of their customers.

In the end, I want what is best for my clients!
-Neill Ervick, Tri-Wave Consulting and Kashoo client since 2016

My passion right now is to commercialize sailing so that more sailors can reach their sailing potential in a way that I didn’t feel I was ever able to reach mine.
-Ben Remocker, 49er Class Association and Kashoo client since 2012

Helping someone with their immigration file and getting legal status in our beautiful country is very rewarding for me. Sometimes, I am literally changing someone’s life and contributing to a better education for their kids. This is my source of energy, this is why I keep going.
-Gabrielle Fortin, Avis Immigration and Kashoo client since 2015

Celebrate Wins…

Out of the hundreds of accounting software options, the highly regarded PC Mag ranked us 2nd best. That’s some high praise right there, and something our entire team is extremely proud of (as we are with every review!)

…And use Kashoo 🙂

If you’re shopping for accounting software (or anything for that matter) you’ll see comparisons, reviews, and blogs (like this one) pointing out why you should pick A over B.

Of course we’re going to endorse our own product, and if you’re a small business owner who understands the personal touches required for small business success, then have a look at what other small business owners have to say about Kashoo:

Kashoo is an easy program to use. The Kashoo team is always offering webinars to help you work within their program with greater efficiency.
-Jackie M., Kashoo client since 2013

Loving the webinars, very helpful with instant responses to any queries.
-Janine H., Kashoo client since 2015

Kashoo is very easy to understand and navigate. And, should you have any questions or issues, the Kashoo Team is ready and available to do whatever it takes to get you back on track. Thank you Kashoo!!
-Jennifer J., Kashoo client since 2015

Still not sold?

Your software is easy to use, affordable and your customer service is fantastic.
-Scott P., Kashoo client since 2014

Your software is easy to use for someone who is not a bookkeeper and your support team is outstanding.
-Melissa J., Kashoo client since 2013

Kashoo is simple and easy to use. In addition Kashoo has a great Help system.
-Bruce S., Kashoo client since 2012

A big THANK YOU to all Kashoo clients for taking the time to provide the feedback above. We wouldn’t be the second best accounting software without you!

Tired of confusing accounting software with little to no support? Join the happy clients above and start your journey to small business success with a 14-day FREE trial.

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