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April 19, 2016

How to Get Paid Faster: Tips for Dealing with Unpaid Invoices

Accounts Receivable can be a beautiful part of your sales process. A customer commits to working with you. You provide the service or product.  Then the customer has 30 days…
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Applying The KnowledgeGuides
December 3, 2014

Break-Even Analysis: What it is and How to Figure it Out

We've all heard the term "breaking even." It sounds pretty self-explanatory, but in reality, there's a little more to break-even analysis. (more…)
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GuidesPrinciples of Accounting
November 21, 2014

What are Absorbed Costs?

Do you manufacture a product as part of your business? Then you’re going to need to stay informed on the costs involved in the manufacturing process, if you want your…
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