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TechRadar Gives Kashoo a Thumbs Up For Best Value!

By November 15, 2018No Comments

Last week TechRadar, one of UK’s largest consumer technology news and reviews site, gave their two cents on Kashoo and why we’re a good fit for small business owners.

They touched on how Kashoo is geared towards small businesses but is also an ideal choice for sole-traders/freelancers looking to use features such as invoices, reports, and bill and expense tracking. Our simple setup process and Workspace was also noted for being straightforward and painless—exactly how we intended it to be!

TechRadar also shined a light on some of our other key features—one being our detailed breakdown of income and expenses. “Most platforms show a generic financial overview by default [in comparison]“. A great feature that gives you insightful business data at any time is our Mini Reports that can be found on the right hand side of any Workspace page in our web app. The Mini Reports show different information depending on what section of your accounting software you’re currently using. They also automatically update with new numbers as you enter in data in your Workspace, giving you real-time data and calculations about your business financials.

Kashoo’s invoice feature was also noted for its simplistic design. “You just need to select the ‘Invoice’ tab on the left of the screen in order to start working on a new invoice. From here, you can enter a payment, submit a new invoice, or enable credit cards. The left-hand side of the screen displays your current profit, unpaid invoices, income by client, and account.

The Verdict

The verdict is out! TechRadar thinks Kashoo is excellent value for money for small business owners. They recognized that we have gotten rid of tiered pricing that other accounting software companies offer, to ensure our small business clients get access to ALL the features for 30% of the cost.

Our platform is “easy to use and tracks all payments received by your business as well any bills and expenses accrued.” In their words, “Kashoo is a ‘no muss, no fuss’ solution for users who want a simple accounting solution. It may come with no frills but this makes it easier to navigate and there is little to no learning curve.” Thanks TechRadar! Read the full review on their website.

Ready to find out why thousands of small business owners choose Kashoo for their accounting software?

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