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State of Small Business Event Recap

By January 29, 2013January 6th, 2022No Comments


Last week we hosted a handful of small business owners, SaaS providers, reporters, and accountants to talk about all things small business at Toronto’s excellent Bier Markt. While the free drinks and snacks were clearly the highlight of the night, there were a few other bits worth mentioning…

First, a note of thanks to Sam and the PaymentEvolution folks for co-hosting with us. (Aside: if you’re a Canadian Kashoo user and in need of a Canadian payroll solution, PaymentEvolution integrates seamlessly with us… just saying.)

As for some key takeaways from all the various conversations we could lend our ears to, here’s a quick recap:

  • Small business owners are really, really passionate about what they do. That may seem obvious, but there’s just a level of palpable excitement they radiate when they talk about their business. Every small business owner we talked to at Bier Markt embodied that passion. And that’s what reminds us why we do what we do!
  • Lots of folks discussed the experience of turning a part-time side gig into a full-time business. General consensus? It’s no easy task and fraught with questions: How do you know when to make the jump? What should you do beforehand? How do you convince your family to take this leap of faith with you?
  • The staff at Bier Markt are awesome for one main reason: great customer service. That’s what makes the difference (for all businesses). It’s the key to getting customers to come back whether you’re a restaurant, designer, consultant, DJ or some crazy combination thereof.
  • While we’re certainly not tooting our own horn, it was great to learn about the difference Kashoo has made to these folks. There is nothing better than hearing great stories about the help our support team has provided, the product features that people love, and perhaps most importantly, what we could do better. Those are the reason our team comes in each and every day!
  • Bier Markt has an epic beer list. That is all.
  • Shout out to Terry of Scotia Entertainment for popping by and for sharing his story! A shout out to everyone who attended, for that matter!

All in all, it was a great event. Thanks to all who joined, and participated to make this happen. And if you’re thinking, “Kashoo should come to my city and host one of these events,” email us and we’ll see what we can dream up!

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