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Save Time as a Farming Business Owner with Accounting Software

By April 2, 2020No Comments

As a farm owner, you work hard for your money. Spending long hours in the fields and tending to the barn often doesn’t leave breathing room for nonessential tasks like accounting. Keeping up with tax obligations and paperwork can also be exhaustive and time-consuming. With time as our greatest asset, farmers need an accounting solution for farms that can match their business needs, expertise, and lifestyle.

Ready to help your farm thrive without losing hours to accounting? Here’s how small business owners in the farming industry can save time with the help of accounting software for farms. 

Get Rid of the Effort in Expense Tracking

Farmers have a lot on their plate when running their business. From managing farming activities and maintaining their livestock to liaising with clients, farmers simply don’t have the time to track every business expense. Going digital with accounting software allows farmers to automate mundane tasks like recording receipts.

How Accounting Software Can Save You Time

If you work hard for your money—why not find the most effortless way to track your financial documents to ensure that you don’t get audited by the CRA or IRS? 

Accounting software streamlines bookkeeping processes like expense tracking by doing the heavy lifting for you. For example, Kashoo’s accounting software offers effortless expense tracking by using machine learning and OCR receipt matching to automate receipt tracking. For farmers who are simply too busy, they can choose to drag and drop receipts into the software, and the software will read, analyze, and store each receipt for them. 

A Smarter Inbox That Does the Work For You

Farmers, and many every day small business owners, have two things in common when it comes to accounting: they need a simple solution that does the job and a solution that doesn’t distract them from farming. Farmers need a solution that can do the heavy work for them so that they can focus on what’s important. 

How Accounting Software Can Save You Time

Accounting software that’s built machine learning into their software can shave even more hours back to the day-to-day operations of a farmer. 

As a farmer, simply connect your business accounts and credit cards and once you’ve categorized your recurring transactions, Kashoo’s software will remember these selections and automate the process for you in the future. With the help of machine learning, accounting software gets smarter each time you use it, resulting in more and more time saved for your farming business.

Quick & Streamlined Bookkeeping Processes that Keep Your Business Compliant

Being your own boss is great, but operating a farming business also comes with plenty of responsibilities like handling the maintenance, operations, and structure of your land, inventory, and livestock. On top of all that, farmers need to navigate the complexities of keeping their businesses tax compliant not only as tax season approaches but also throughout the year.

How Accounting Software Can Save You Time

Accounting software can give your farm business the confidence it needs to remain tax compliant. Kashoo, for example, allows you to review and manage all your transactions within the Smart Inbox. Once posted to your general ledger, the items are locked in to ensure that your chart of accounts remains fully tax compliant. You can even invite your accountant to review these transactions, knowing that the Smart Inbox and an additional pair of eyes serve as an extra layer of quality control for tax purposes. 

Ready to Get Growing?

Handling your accounting can seem overwhelming for farmers, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re ready to take control of your farming business and your future, then start using Kashoo with our free 14-day trial today to find out exactly how you can gain back time!