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Product Update: Period Locking Now Available on Kashoo for iPad, iPhone and Web

By November 23, 2015December 6th, 2023No Comments

The most recent release of the Kashoo iPhone and iPad apps is packed with lots of new features, but there’s one we’re most excited to share with you: period locking.

What is Period Locking?

Period locking is an accounting software feature that essentially locks data within prescribed timeframes. Why lock periods, you ask? Ultimately, it comes down to protecting your business’s financial data from accidental or unexpected changes. Periods are generally locked when records are verified as up-to-date, typically at the end of a month, quarter or year.


Period Locking on Kashoo for iPhone, iPad, Web

You can now execute period locking from the Kashoo iPad and iPhone apps as well as the web app. This is super handy for business owners who are constantly out and about, on the road or otherwise simply rocking their business from wherever it takes them. An added benefit: accountants and tax prep professionals tend to love period-locked data because they know with a heightened confidence that its accurate.

So fire up your Kashoo iPhone and iPad apps or log in on the web and check out period locking!


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