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Kashoo’s Online Accounting Software – Easy to Use, Easy to Switch Over

By January 5, 2017December 6th, 2023No Comments

2017 is finally here and you know what that means; time to make good on all those New Year’s Resolutions! If you’ve resolved to get better at keeping your books up-to-date, to get rid of that shoebox of receipts, or to switch to an “easy to use” online accounting software program, then you’ve come to the right place.

Kashoo - Simple Online Accounting Software

Thousands of small business owners just like you are living up to similar resolutions by using Kashoo as their online accounting software of choice—and for good reason. Switching to Kashoo could be the best decision you make all year!

3 Reasons to Choose Kashoo for your Online Accounting Software

1. Easy to Set Up and “Easy to Use”

It shouldn’t take you days and weeks to set up and start using your online accounting software. And you certainly shouldn’t require a degree in Accounting just to get going. Kashoo’s online accounting software is built on the idea that ALL SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS can start doing their own books in less than a day. With Video Tutorials and Free Weekly Workshops, we’re committed to saving you time by making it easier to do the jobs you do everyday.

“Kashoo is so easy to use and has great customer service!”
– Dennis S., customer since 2013

“The software can be tailored to our business. You can learn it quickly and it is easy to use!”
– Customer since 2010

“Kashoo is easy to use, and affordable. It makes my bookkeeping simple and easy. I have used it for many years now, with great success.”
– Angie F., customer since 2013

2. Multi-Currency, Mobility & Sharability

The love continues to pour in from small business owners benefitting from Kashoo’s great features. Multi-user access means you can easily share your data with your Accountant and collaborate with partners or staff. Our award-winning iPhone and iPad apps will also allow you to work offline and sync up to your accounts whenever it’s convenient for you. And multi-currency means you can do business across borders with peace of mind, knowing your books are accurate.

“Kashoo is just so easy to use, easy to share with my accountant, and mobile-friendly. What’s not to love?”
– Timothy C., customer since 2014

“Love how simple and yet completely functional your software is. And I LOVE the multi-currency. I have CAD, USD, and MXN going at the same time. It’s awesome!”
– Jason S., customer since 2013

“Love the ease of invoicing! Kashoo just sends an email and keeps track of everything. The year-end reports are great for tax purposes too.”
– Customer since 2012

3. Your Accountant Will Love You

Financial industry professionals also recommend Kashoo for their small business clients. Why not make life easier for you and your accountant this year and get organized from the start. You may even save a little on your accountant fees by using Kashoo!

“Kashoo’s online accounting software is very user-friendly as changes can be made easily. Like anything else, the more effort placed in setting it up properly will generate the greatest result. Training the users is the real key to success of your product. As an accountant and tax preparer, I appreciate your product and can see that you are continuously looking for opportunities to improve it.”
– Ed M., customer since 2014

Start Using Kashoo & See For Yourself

Kashoo’s online accounting software for small business is used by thousands of small business owners who know that you don’t need to hire a bookkeeper to do your books, you just need the right software! You can start a 14-Day FREE trial today, and see what Kashoo can do for you. No commitments, no hassle, cancel any time.

Our supportive Customer Success Team is here to help you succeed! Reach out to us for questions on your account or assistance with setting up. Call us toll-free at 1-888-520-5274, email us at, or chat with us live by clicking the orange mail icon in the bottom right corner of your Kashoo screen.

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