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Let’s Talk About TrulySmall (and TrulySmall Invoices)

By April 1, 2021January 6th, 2022No Comments

It’s true. There is a way for invoicing to be simple, streamlined, and most importantly, enjoyable. The Kashoo team has been working hard behind the scenes to create our companion brand: TrulySmall. So, you heard it here first—we’re so pleased to officially announce the TrulySmall brand.

trulysmall by kashoo

Truly Small Business: How it all started

TrulySmall is all about simplifying the bookkeeping process and tailoring it for the truly small businesses. In short, the brand was created out of our team’s love (and appreciation) for truly small businesses. Here at Kashoo, we’re a team of entrepreneurs, doers, and helpers and through our learning experiences, we’d like to think that we know how you feel. That we’ve been in your shoes.

So, we put on our thinking hats and thought: how can we help?

First, we went on a mission to identify what truly small businesses are. How do small businesses identify as truly small? Back in November 2020, we created an identifying article to help small business owners find out if they fit the name.

To summarize, truly small businesses often:

  • Have 500 or less business transactions a year
  • Annual sales and assets are valued at less than $250,000 a year
  • Consists of 5 employees or fewer, including the owner

Next, we got to work. Small businesses—and we mean the really small ones—need to tackle accounting, just like everybody else. But the functionalities they need often aren’t the same as what their small-, medium-, or large-sized counterparts need when it comes to accounting. They might not have the accounting expertise, or they may not need a flexible chart of accounts in their toolkit.

And so, TrulySmall was born.

We want to make accounting easy, quick, and relevant

So we started with invoicing: by setting up the systems and processes every truly small business owner needs to get paid, fast, and on-time.

That starts with invoice templates!

For business owners who are tired of creating invoices manually or tracking invoices on a spreadsheet, we built free custom invoices that every small business owner can use. That means less time creating from scratch and more time inputting relevant details. And most important, getting paid! Invoices should follow a general skeleton, but it’s just as important to tailor your invoices for relevancy. Ranging from freelance, graphic design, contractor, consultant, and more, TrulySmall’s free invoice templates are industry-specific and ready to use as soon as you hit download.

But if you want a simpler, more streamlined solution, we thought of that too.

Introducing TrulySmall Invoices

TrulySmall Invoices is an easy-to-use, intuitive invoicing app. It’s as simple as that. It takes all of the most important elements of invoicing, such as what to include (and what not to miss) and the ability to hit send, all in a single app for tracking.

Not sure if TrulySmall Invoices is for you? Here’s a quick round-up of some of the top benefits of using TrulySmall for your invoicing needs:

TrulySmall Invoices

Invoice from any device, no matter where you are

The modern small business owner is either on-the-go or traveling for work or for pleasure. That means accounting needs to be able to travel with them. TrulySmall is available on iOS, Android, and a web app, which means that you can take your invoicing tool from your laptop on the kitchen counter all the way to your phone on your gym commute.

Confirmations & reminders for peace of mind

There’s nothing worse than sending an important email without receiving an email receipt. That goes for sending invoices, too. As soon as you hit send, you’ll receive an email confirmation stating that it’s been sent and another notification once your invoice is viewed. After 2 days, your client will receive a reminder to pay their invoice. With TrulySmall, tracking your invoicing workflow is that much easier.

A tool that learns your business

One of the key features of TrulySmall Invoices is its ability to learn your business and its clients. As you use the tool more, TrulySmall remembers your data and pre-fills both your information and your recurring client’s information for you. That’s less work for you, and a quicker process each time you invoice with TrulySmall!

Accounting without the noise

Many of the accounting software on the market offers a complete solution. While they are useful, some are far too complex for small business owners—let alone the really small ones. Some accounting software is geared towards individuals who understand accounting terminology. Others, like Sage or Quickbooks, offer many features, like integrations (with PayPal, Shopify, AutoEntry, etc.), managing payroll and cash flow, tax compliance tools, inventory control, and much more.

Kashoo for example offers a flexible chart of accounts for small businesses to configure, either by themselves or with their accountant. While those features are great, we also know that truly small business owners can often get by with a lot less. And invoicing (and ultimately, getting paid) is the first step!

How to use TrulySmall Invoices

Convinced and curious about TrulySmall? Head over, explore our site, and create and send your first invoice for free! You can do it in a few mouse clicks and the best part? There’s zero learning curve (yes, it’s that easy!)

Send free invoices with trulysmall