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What’s New with the Kashoo Web App: Project Accounting, Dynamic Scaling & More

By September 12, 2014February 26th, 2019No Comments

While we haven’t spent too much time thinking about how to bring simple cloud accounting to the Apple Watch (yet!), we have been hard at work on developing a number of new features for the Kashoo web app. Here’s a quick glance at what we’ve cooked up for you…

  • When you now log in to Kashoo on the web, you might not even notice that the actual Kashoo app scales dynamically based on your browser width. For those on a larger screen, Kashoo will fill the whole browser. (No more empty vertical space on the sides!) And if you’re using a machine with a smaller display, Kashoo will scale down appropriately. A subtle modification, but sure to improve your experience with Kashoo!


  • Next up: Project Accounting is here! Many of you have asked for this feature, so we’re super-excited to bring it to you. You can now set up projects, and track income and expense type transactions for a particular project. There’s now a “Projects” section in the main menu and project details pages with segmented income/expense sections and mini reports. Plus you can filter by a Project dropdown menu in the Profit and Loss report. Pretty nifty, eh?
  • Lastly, mini reports on the right hand side of the web app have been renamed: “Net Income” is now “Profit,” “Gross Expenses” are simply called “Expenses, and “Gross Income” is just “Income.” Simplicity, for the win!

So login to and see for yourself!