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Kashoo Update: The Best Accounting You’ll Find on iOS 8

By September 18, 2014February 26th, 2019No Comments

It’s like the folks at Apple were developing iOS 8 with simple cloud accounting in mind! (OK. That’s probably not true whatsoever, but we can dream, right?)

In all seriousness, we’re excited to announce that version 4.0 of the Kashoo iOS app (for your iPhone and your iPad) is out and available for download to give you the best accounting experience in the universe. (Again, potentially not true, but currently not refuted.)

Here’s a quick look at what’s new and improved…

  • First off, version 4.0 of Kashoo requires iOS 8 so if you haven’t updated your iPhone and/or iPad software, do that first.
  • Next up: Action Extension. With this feature you can now choose to invoke Quick Entry from other apps on your phone. Here’s an example: within an app, choose an image and then tap the Share icon. When the default share sheet appears, you’ll see the Kashoo app icon within the list of apps to perform an action with. Tapping the app icon will cause Quick Entry to appear and the image will automatically be included as an attachment. This significantly reduces the time you’ll spend jumping back and forth between apps.

iOS Integration


  • We’ve also added Touch ID support. If you’re on one of our paid plans, and have a passcode enabled on your business, you can use your iOS device’s Touch ID (on supported devices) when unlocking your business. And of course you’ll still have the passcode option too.
  • Reports are now available on the iPhone! Now when you’re sitting in the airport (or wherever, really), you can pull up those P&Ls, Balance Sheets, Aged Payables, Aged Receivables, Trial Balance, General Ledger, Journal, and Chart of Accounts reports. You’ll get these advanced reports with all of our paid plans (not sure what plan you’re on, or want to know the options? Our support team is here to help!). This gives you deeper insight into the financial health of your business—in the palm of your hand. (Plus, it’s now easier than ever to fire off these reports to your accountant, business partner or mom if you just want to show her how awesome your business is doing.)

Reports for iOS 8

  • The last (or perhaps the first) thing you’ll notice in the new Kashoo iPhone and iPad apps is the new look and feel. We’ve refreshed colors and styles to not only give the app a little more pop but also to help make your accounting experience as intuitive as possible.

Dashboard for iOS 8