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Kashoo Recognized for Having the “Best Support” of Accounting Software

By July 6, 2020November 22nd, 2023No Comments
Best support in Accounting Software

What Made Kashoo Rise Above the Rest?

In the review, the Blueprint praised Kashoo’s platform ease of use, one-size-fits-all pricing, and, most importantly, its support. All of these factors are a key part of the review process, and Kashoo ticked all of the boxes.

How the blueprint selected kashoo as the "best support" accounting software

What makes Kashoo the “Best Support” Solution?

There are two key features of Kashoo’s service that make it unbeatable in the space: the intuitive design that makes it easy to immediately work for the user, and the additional telephone support.

“Kashoo takes a next-level approach to customer service. Basically, they’ve designed their app to be as intuitive and trouble-free as possible, thereby preventing many support issues from ever happening in the first place. It’s proactive customer support and it does wonders for end-user workflows and efficiency.” -Craig Borowski, managing editor The Blueprint

Mary Girsch-Bock, SMB accounting and accounting software expert at The Blueprint identified “I love that Kashoo offers live telephone support; a feature that’s been seriously underestimated by other applications. While many questions can be answered by doing a little bit of research, there is something reassuring about knowing that if you really get stuck, you can pick up the phone and actually talk to someone.” Mary Girsch-Bock, SMB accounting and accounting software expert, The Blueprint

The Verdict:

The Blueprint sees Kashoo as a standout among over 400 other solutions in the accounting software category because of its commitment to amazing customer support. We’re so pleased to be recognized as a top solution in the accounting category!

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