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Kashoo Placed In GetApp’s Accounting Software Category Leaders List!

By August 20, 2020November 22nd, 2023No Comments

This month, Kashoo placed in GetApp’s Accounting Software Category Leaders list! GetApp’s accounting software category leaders rankings are 100% fueled by ratings from our customers.

Each year, GetApp ranks the leading business apps to help provide updated information on the best software as voted by users. This allows for unbiased, data-driven rankings that are broken down into key deciding factors for potential users.

App scores are determined by 5 factors, worth 20 points each, for a possible total of 100.

Kashoo placed in GetApp's Category Leaders for Accounting Software

Kashoo Scores High Points In The Category Leaders List

Thanks to our small business users, we received 88 points with nearly full marks in both the Customer Support and Value for Money sections.

We also ranked high for Ease of Use which we’re so happy to see! We’ve rebuilt Kashoo this year to be faster, simpler, and more time-saving for small business owners than ever.

“For 90% of small businesses of 10 employees or less, Kashoo is the way to go. It feels light, utilizes the Cloud for storage, has terrific support, and is easy to learn and utilize. I’m comfortable in growing my business and letting Kashoo grow with me.

The key in selecting accounting software is not how much it can do for you, but how much support you can get after you take the plunge. With Kashoo, the support is unbelievable. Utilizing their chat feature will get you a satisfactory answer in a matter of an hour or so. I’ve never felt like I got a less than complete reply. Why? Because they know their product and are not paid to sit and answer questions all day long about something they don’t use. I can’t say that for the other software systems I’ve tried. I’m now running 3 businesses off of Kashoo.”

– John Matassa

See for yourself why Kashoo is the simplest accounting solution available! Get a complete picture of your business financials through our dashboard and reports in minutes. Try us free today!

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