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Kashoo’s Online Accounting Software – The Perfect Fit for Small Business

By November 24, 2016November 23rd, 2023No Comments

It’s a question we get asked all the time: “Is online accounting software for small business a good idea?” Instead of blowing our own horn, we thought we’d let fellow Canadian Small Business Owners who use Kashoo every day tell you how Kashoo “just works” for their small business.

5 Reasons Why Kashoo is a Perfect Fit for Online Accounting Software for Small Business

1 – You’re Not an Accountant

“Even though I am not an accountant, I am able to apply my accounting knowledge without too much difficulty. Kashoo works great whether I am using the web interface or the iOS app.”
– Customer since 2013

“It is an excellent accounting program for someone who runs their own business.”
– Customer since 2013

Your business isn’t accounting, so we’ve specifically designed Kashoo’s online accounting software for small business owners with limited accounting knowledge. Easier terminology, easier processes, and whenever you need it, we have a ton of educational resources to help you along when you need them. Visit Kashoo U – our free online “campus” where you can expand your accounting know-how. Or, sign up for a Kashoo Workshop today!

2 – Easy to Use

“Easy to use. Always available. No down time experienced. Helpful with any queries.”
– Dudley R., customer since 2012

“Easy to setup and easy to use and access from anywhere!”
– Glenn L., customer since 2014

“I am happy to use Kashoo as a fit-for-purpose for my business. What I like the most is its simplicity and its ease of use.”
– Customer since 2015

“Kashoo is the most friendly and easy accounting software I am aware of.”
– Davood D., customer since 2011

“I just love how easy it is to add transactions. The app makes my accounting quick and easy!
– Customer since 2012

The fact remains, if you can’t even get started, you won’t continue using ANY online accounting software for small business. That’s why we are committed to constantly improving the process of getting started with Kashoo and simplifying everyday activities to save you time. Check out our recent improvements to Kashoo.

3 – Support From Real Humans

“Very easy to setup and use and I like the format of the reports. The Help feature is always at my fingertips and easy to follow.”
– Joanne M., customer since 2015

“Always get the help I need when I call. Thank you!”
– Customer since 2013

“I always get the help I need, great for small business.”
– Customer since 2014


kashoo_features_support.jpgHelp is always just a click or call away. You can click the “help” button (in the top right corner on the web) that takes you directly to our vast library of easy to follow articles, many include short tutorials that can help to visually walk you thru the steps so you can ensure you’ve got it right! Or click the “Let us help you!” instant chat tab at the bottom of your browser window. Of course, you can always call 1-888-520-5274 and chat with one of our friendly Customer Success team members.

4 – Share Your Books with Your Financial Professional

“I really like being able to do everything on my iPad. I also love the customer service by phone and email is great too. Finally, I love giving access to my accountant and I’m done!”
– Robert F., customer since 2013

Most small business owners work with an accountant or some sort of financial professional. We’ve created Kashoo with the ability to share your numbers with your accountant so it saves you from having to bring a crate or shoebox of papers to their office at year-end. Check out these tips to save even more time at year-end and make your accountant happy.

5 – Save Time with WAY Less Manual Data Entry

“I really like the upload from the credit cards and bank accounts and quick navigation from business to business and tool bar on the left side… it has really made my life a lot easier.”
– Customer since 2015

We know that running a business requires your full attention, so having your finances in order can relieve some headaches come year-end. Does the thought of manually entering all transactions sound tiring to you? Kashoo has an ‘upload’ feature where your Bank and Credit Card statements can be imported into the system and then allocated to the required accounts. (Need to upload CSV, Excel and QIF, or OFX, QBO and QFX?)

Start Using Kashoo & See For Yourself

Kashoo’s online accounting software for small business is used by thousands of small business owners who know that you don’t need to hire a bookkeeper to do your books, you just need the right software! You can start a 14-Day FREE trial today, and see what Kashoo can do for you. No commitments, no hassle, cancel any time.

Ready to Put Kashoo to Work for You?

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