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Kashoo iPad App Cracks Top 10 Business Apps List in 90 Countries

By September 26, 2013December 6th, 2023No Comments

On the heels of the launch of iOS 7 and the subsequent launch of the new Kashoo iPad app, we are beyond excited to announce that we’ve cracked the top 10 Business Apps ranks in 90 countries. While that’s the number that gets us the most excited, we thought we’d share a few others…

  • In Canada, the Kashoo iPad app hit #1 on the Business Apps list last weekend.
  • Since the release of the new Kashoo iPad app, only 55% of downloads were English language localized while Spanish language localization grabbed more than 30% of downloads. Given that we recently release Spanish language localization, we’re really pumped to see this happening. Thus, a big thank you goes out to our new friends throughout Central and South America and Spain!
  • We want to give some shout-outs to a few slightly less populated countries in which we hit #1 on the Business Apps lists: What’s up, Dominican Republic! Looks like small business is alive and kicking in Bahrain! Nicaragua, glad to see you all are passionate about small business accounting software! Hola Paraguay! Turks and Caicos, we assume the weather’s better down there than it is up here.
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