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Kashoo’s iPhone Accounting App Reviews Are In: You like us, you really like us!

By February 3, 2017December 1st, 2023No Comments

When Kashoo first started out we had a specific goal in mind: create a simple accounting app that small business owners could use to do their books—anytime, anywhere.

Before our iPad accounting app, Kashoo offered a simple-to-use web app, but when the iPad was launched in April of 2010, we knew what was coming, so our team hustled to launch one of the first iPad accounting apps.

We often boast about taking our customer’s feedback into consideration for future releases, and sure enough, our clients hinted that we were missing something—an iPhone accounting app.

The Kashoo iPhone Accounting App was Born

“I find Kashoo super easy to use, I especially like the iPhone app. The service is perfect for my small business.”
-Client since 2012

In 2014, we launched our initial version of the Kashoo iPhone accounting app in conjunction with a Kashoo iPad app update. Clients of our new iOS accounting app gained the ability to use Kashoo on their iPhone, iPad, and as an added bonus, they have access to the web app as well via their favourite web browser.

We continue to make Kashoo easier to use on both the iPhone and iPad. Some quick-hits you’ll see in upcoming releases:

  • iPhone_anim.gif We’ve exposed a long-hidden feature of the iPhone app – The ability to create transfer, adjustment, and payment type transactions. Now when you tap the “Create” icon, you’ll be given the option to pick what you want to create (just like we do on iPad). Check it out in action.
  • Optimization for 12.9″ iPad – Do you use the iPad Pro 12.9″? You’ll love how we’ve optimized Kashoo for the large display so that your numbers appear even crisper.
  • Tap To Download – We’re committed to doing a better job of being a “good network citizen” by not automatically pulling down large attachments which aren’t already on your device. You’ll be put in control of when you want to download one of these with a new Tap To Download button.

“Works great on an iPad mini.”
-Client since 2015

Kashoo's iPad and iPhone accounting app

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone!

“Kashoo is intuitive and easy to use. I do my own bookkeeping for my business so it is important that it doesn’t take all my time. With Kashoo I can keep on top of the company finances with minimal effort. I also love the iPhone app, which I use all the time.”
-Zev S. Client since 2013

As fellow small business owners, we know that being able to record expenses on the spot is a handy feature, especially in today’s fast-paced high-tech world.

Imagine you’re at the airport, traveling for business. When you purchase breakfast, you’ve got your phone in hand and you can easily snap a picture of the receipt to record it later. You board the plane and as you wait for everyone to take their seats, you create an expense and attach the receipt – all on your iPhone (and before the Flight Attendant makes the announcement to shut off your device, of course)!

Multi-user access means you can easily share your data with your Accountant and collaborate with partners or staff.

Our award-winning iPhone and iPad apps will also allow you to work offline and sync up to your accounts whenever it’s convenient for you.

“First, it is very easy to use. I have the app installed on my phone and everything syncs well. Makes it easy for me to keep my expenses and income current. My accountant loves the way I track my income and expenses as it makes their life a lot easier. Great job!”
-Edward F. Client since 2013


“Customer service! When I’ve needed help, your team has always come through for me. Ease of use! The app is great – so easy to use.”
-Helen D. Client since 2013

What good is having a great iPhone accounting app if you don’t have the support to back it up? Our Customer Success team is here to help you succeed, along with our library of help articles. And we provide FREE weekly workshops to help you understand your books and ensure you get the most out of Kashoo.

Small business owners continue to give us great feedback about our iPad and iPhone accounting apps, as well as our web app.

Each month we are featuring success stories of Kashoo clients and your fellow small business owners who are benefitting from Kashoo’s apps. Learn what motivates them, what mountains they climb, and why they do what they do.

Want to share your small business story? Drop us a line to feature your business on

“Great APP have been using it for a few years now, and will continue.”
-Client since 2015

Start Using Kashoo & See For Yourself

You can start a 14-Day FREE trial today with the Kashoo web app, or visit us in the App Store to start your 30-Day FREE trial of our iPad or iPhone accounting app. No commitments, no hassle, cancel any time.

Our supportive Customer Success Team is here to help you succeed! Reach out to us for questions on your account or assistance with setting up. Call us toll-free at 1-888-520-5274, email us at, or chat with us live by clicking the “smiley” yellow chat icon in the bottom right corner of your Kashoo screen.

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