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Introducing the New Kashoo iPad App

By September 19, 2013February 26th, 2019No Comments

It’s time to meet the latest and greatest version of the App Store’s most downloaded small business accounting iPad app, Kashoo for iPad! From a beautiful new interface to powerful new features, there’s lots to cover. So let’s get to it…

Our newest and most exciting feature is Quick Entry. With Quick Entry, we’ve reduced the amount of information you need to input in order to record an income or an expense transaction. This allows you to record transactions in bulk quickly and accurately! Simply tap on the ‘create’ icon found in the top-right corner of any tab and select the type of transaction you want to record. Then fill in the four fields and continue to record more transactions or add detail if you require.

We’ve also made Creating a New Business easier than ever before. Like with Quick Entry, the focus is on requiring from you only the essential information so that we can get you started faster. Simply tap on the ‘plus’ icon in the business selection screen and fill in the four required fields. From there, you’re ready to start using Kashoo. It’s that simple. Of course the full setup option is still available. There you’ll be able to do things like add more business details, upload your logo, set your security PIN, and select an invoice template.

Speaking of which, you can now create professional looking invoices even easier than before with our powerful “What You See Is What You Get” invoice generator. You see exactly what your client sees, and it’s all editable right from your iPad. And you can always add attachments and memos too if you need.

These are just a couple of the awesome new features available in Kashoo for iPad. Download the app on the App Store, try it out and let us know what you think!


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