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Introducing Kashoo’s iPhone App

By July 18, 2014January 18th, 2022No Comments

With the Kashoo iPad and web apps, small business accounting has always been a snap, from anywhere at anytime.

And now it’s even snappier.

We’re excited to announce that the same great experience you’ve had on the Kashoo iPad app is now coming to your iPhone. And of course, all of what you do with Kashoo on your iPad or iPhone—from instant invoice generation to expense capture—will be there for you when you, your accountant, or business partners log in to the Kashoo web app. That’s the power of the cloud!


The first cloud accounting application built “mobile first” for today’s modern entrepreneurs, Kashoo makes it easy to track expenses, send invoices, view account balances, reconcile bank accounts, generate easy-to-read financial reports, and more. Offline use and phone support makes Kashoo a smart solution for any small business owner—all for less than $5 per month ($49 annual subscription).

Now here’s the cool part: rather than just shrinking the Kashoo iPad app to make it fit on an iPhone screen, we thought long and hard (and had many customer chats!) about how different devices serve different purposes when it comes to small business accounting. We’ve always believed in the on-the-go yet still deep power of the Kashoo iPad app. It’s where small business owners can tackle most of their accounting tasks from anywhere, anytime. Then, if you look at the Kashoo web app, that’s where folks traditionally go back and add additional details, run deeper reports, or share with trusted advisors. And now enter the Kashoo iPhone app from which small business owners can now tackle the little things in real-time. What do we mean by “little things?” Well, we’ve built the Kashoo iPhone app with the following in mind:


What are the most important accounting tasks a small business owner needs to be able to do in real-time?

Unanimously, our customers said invoicing, expenses, and access to a high-level view to the financial health of the business. Thus we made the Kashoo iPhone app perfect for those sorts of quick “get-in, get-out” tasks.

Think about when you’re at the airport, traveling for business. When you purchase breakfast, you’ve got your phone in hand and you can easily snap a picture of the receipt. But then, while you’re waiting out a “mechanical delay” at the gate, you can pull your iPad out of your bag and dive into financial reports with the Kashoo iPad app and gauge what this new business deal that you’re traveling for to land will do for your bottom line.

Check out what’s new, and when you’re ready, hop on over to the App Store and download the app! And remember to let us know what you think wit an app review. That’s how we build better stuff for you!

Learn more in the Kashoo Support Center.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and happy accounting!

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