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What’s the Best Accounting Software for Startups? Start Here.

By September 7, 2017December 1st, 2023No Comments

When you’re just starting your business, sometimes it’s challenging to know exactly what tools you need to be successful. It’s also no small feat to find unbiased information on what might actually work for your business, without the clutter of advertising getting in the way. Fortunately, that’s the exact reason why Startup Savant exists. Here’s their mission:

Startup Savant - Unbiased Reviews on Tools for Entrepreneurs[To] simplify the process of choosing the right resources by reviewing them top to bottom. If you’re going to build something sustainable, have the tools to back it up.

We review the best resources to help eliminate the guesswork when starting your business. Take what you learn here and make it your own. Find what works for you and run with it.

So it’s no surprise that they’ve recently turned their attention to the Top 7 Business Accounting Software Tools for Startups to give some assistance to small businesses in the realm of keeping control of their finances.

Kashoo was rated 4.4/5 for best accounting software for your startup!

What are the Pros of Using Accounting Software

The first question you’re asking might be, “Why do I even need accounting software?” Startup Savant outlines the “Pros” of having an Accounting Software tool in place.

1 – With accounting software, the chance of human error is less likely. All accounting software tools are extremely accurate (provided you enter the right information).

2 – By using business accounting software, you’ll be able to save countless hours over the lifetime of your business. Your financial reports are totally automated.

3 – If your business needs to invoice customers, you can customize and send them out with your accounting software. This’ll help you get paid faster!

4 – No more calculating on your own because most accounting software automatically calculates your financials for you.

5 – With the built-in expense tracking, accounting software is extremely useful for keeping an eye on where your money’s going.

Kashoo Makes the List

We’re happy to announce that Kashoo made Startup Savant’s Top 7, and we’re thrilled to be right beside some pretty incredible products. But why is Kashoo the right choice for your startup? Startup Savant Reviewer, Ryan James give a comprehensive list of eight reasons why Kashoo might be right for your business accounting needs:

1 – Kashoo is known for its simple, accessible, accurate, organized, and secure approach to dealing with business bookkeeping.

2 – Create, customize, and send professional invoices to your clients in a snap, and easily sync bank accounts and transactions with Kashoo. Also, their bank-reconciliation feature is available in over 5,000 banks worldwide.

3 – Collaborating with employees, business partners, or your accountant is easy! Kashoo enables permission-based sharing so you’re able to work together securely.

4 – Kashoo is cloud-based software, so it’s compatible with any web browser and device, and you can download the mobile app for on-the-go access.

5 – You don’t have to worry about information being lost or copied, because Kashoo delivers bank-level encryption, automatic backups, and PIN/Touch ID mobile security to ensure data stays safe.

6 – Kashoo tracks through real-time reports – income, expenses, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc., complemented with plenty of integrated apps to help you with anything from payroll to invoicing.

7 – Tracking expenses is easy. Just take a picture of the receipt and enter it into your account. Kashoo generates all the reports you need, from accounts receivable to profit and loss— giving you tools to lead you to better business decisions.

8 – Through Kashoo’s quick-entry feature, you’ll be able to enter any data in just one click and survey it all at once on your screen.

But how does Kashoo really stand out? It keeps coming back to two things; it’s really easy to use, and our amazing customer success team. And thankfully, Startup Savant agrees.

Easy to Learn & Not Difficult to Master

It’s always been our goal that any small business owner can get up and running with Kashoo in less than a day with minimal effort. You don’t need to be an accountant, or spend hundreds of hours learning, just to see a result.

According to Startup Savant, Kashoo deserves its spot.

Kashoo is a contender for those of you who place a high value on ease of use. The entire experience is streamlined and you enjoy a nice set of features as well.

Their smooth user-interface makes them the simplest business accounting software tool to use.

Ryan James puts it this way:

Kashoo is known for its simple, accessible, accurate, organized, and secure approach to dealing with business bookkeeping.

Kashoo’s pricing structure is as straightforward as they come: one level, one tier, one price. You either pay $19.95 per month, or you can get a 20% discount with an annual plan.

Quick, Responsive Customer Support

Getting the help you need, when you need it, can be a real struggle for a small business owner. Sometimes you might be working with an accountant—but paying for their help can start to add up. Our promise to small business owners has always been to give them the most comprehensive support from the start in whichever they want it. On the phone, on the web, via live chat or email. Plus, there’s more training if you need it. According to Ryan James, we’re delivering on our promise:

Kashoo does have an emphasis on customer support and educational material. Along with phone, email and live chat support, they’ve also got hundreds of articles available on every aspect of their software that you can use as a reference. [They] focus a lot of their customer support efforts on providing answers directly on their website so you don’t spend 30 minutes on hold waiting to talk to someone.

Overall, a good portion of their users consider Kashoo’s training unmatched, with free unlimited customer support, webinars, and Kashoo U.

What’s Best for Your Business?

After everything’s said and done, will Kashoo work for your business? Here’s the summary from Ryan James:

After putting Kashoo to the test and seeing how it stacks up in various areas, I’d give them a solid 4.4 out of 5. While they’re still relatively new, customers really seem to love their set up, and they offer one of the most inclusive packaging in the business. 

He also suggests:

All things considered, the unique requirements of your company dictate which is the top accounting software for your business. If you want to get a more complete picture of the tools that interest you, read our full reviews or sign up for free trials to the ones that interest you.

Kashoo is free to try for 14 days. Our trial is fully featured and includes access to our incredible customer success team if you have any questions.

Try Kashoo for 14-Days Totally Free

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