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4 Benefits of Cloud-Based Accounting Software Like Kashoo

By February 21, 2019December 6th, 2023No Comments

The start-up and freelance landscape is incredibly competitive. As small business owners yourselves, you probably know already that you’re competing for market share in a notoriously competitive arena. Unfortunately, if your books aren’t in good shape, you’ll likely find yourself in a position where you need to consistently play “catch-up” to your competitors, especially in the areas of applying for loans, filing taxes, or even pitching to potential investors. To combat this with increased efficiencies, here are 4 benefits to adopting a cloud-based accounting software to cure your troubles and headaches.

Straightforward Invoicing with Branded  Templates

If you find yourself wasting valuable time with your invoicing routine, it’s because you probably are. Instead of managing invoicing by hand or even through manual processes like using Word or Excel, modernize your invoicing process using a simple software like Kashoo. With Kashoo, you won’t find any duplicated invoices or mathematical errors—just let the computer do the thinking for you!

Kashoo also has built-in invoice templates (branded invoices are available for you to sift through) that are easy-to-use (invoices are one click away for you to hit “send” on that email to your client). This way, invoicing for recurring transactions are made easy, which in turn can greatly increase your cashflow.

Simple-to-Use Workspace with Productive Software Integrations

Fast-growing businesses often run into data-filled scenarios: think large volume of receipts and transactions. This is usually a significant undertaking, particularly when you’re busy cultivating your business.

Cloud-based accounting software much like Kashoo help make this task significantly less daunting. Our simple Workspace Dashboard provides small business owners with the right tool to solve specific business problems, while consolidating critical accounting data into your accounting software.

For even more efficiencies, you can easily integrate various financial softwares like Stripe, Blupay, or SurePayroll with Kashoo to help make sales, payment data, and payroll processes more productive.

Accounting From Anywhere

Wouldn’t it be great if you had unlimited vacation? But even then, you might need access to a variety of paperwork back at your office.

One of the most beneficial elements of cloud-accounting software such as Kashoo is the freedom it gives you to work on your business from anywhere in the world. Imagine accessing ledgers and reports from South America, or sending off recurring invoices from Punta Cana. No matter where you are, all you need is a local server and you can log in from any device, whenever you want.

Unlimited Growth Potential: The Ability to Scale

The ability to scale is critical for small businesses. As you first start out on your own as a freelancer, or with a small team, the only direction you’re going is up, which means all resources and tools need to be aligned to your business objectives and a capable of rapid growth. 

If your small business is aimed for growth, then so should your accounting processes. Cloud-based accounting software like Kashoo is extremely robust and scalable, with benefits like increased accuracy and visibility on all your financial data. If you plan to scale your business, then a good place to start is to adopt software for critical tasks such as bookkeeping.

The right software can make all the difference. Try Kashoo’s free unlimited 14-day trial today to see how we can support your small business from anywhere, improve your processes, and help scale your business to reach its full potential.

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