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4 Kashoo Integrations To Increase Small Business Productivity

By August 23, 2018May 25th, 2020No Comments

Does your small business use various financial softwares to stay competitive? If you are currently using Square for their payment engine, Stripe for their credit card processing, PaymentEvolution or SurePayroll for payroll services, or even FreshBooks for your invoicing, then let us show you  just how easy it can be to integrate those services with Kashoo!

If any of these software sound familiar to youor you’re just wondering how to sync them to Kashoo (but you’re not sure how)then let’s get into how we can  increase your overall productivity to grow your business by integrating your software!

Integrating Square Point-of-Sale: Tracking Your Sales Within Kashoo!

Square is a point-of-sale (POS) app that helps businesses of all sizes start, run and grow their own businesses with their enterprise level payment engine and software. Their processing features allows business owners to accept payment right from their device and the ability to use their POS to keep track of sales and inventory in real-time. Square’s solutions also offer secure payment processing, business analytics, and flexible API integrations, including with Kashoo! If you’re already using this app, see how integrating with Kashoo can help you run your business!

Once you sign in from the Square App Marketplace, you will see all your transactions from the past year automatically imported into Kashoo. Your transactions are located on the Income page and every sale you make will be attributed as “Square Customer” by default. For advanced configurations, we go into further detail on other useful tools that help make your sales process and accounting integrate better, such as choosing what dates you want to start importing transactions from, and the customer name that you want to associate all sales to.

Not sure how to do it? It’s simple. Our help desk goes into detail on how to integrate as a new and existing Kashoo user, advanced business configuration setups, and dealing with duplicate transactions.

Integrating Stripe: Add Ons To Make Payment Easier

Stripe is an awesome credit card processor for businessesallowing entrepreneurs to use software to accept payments and manage their businesses online.

Does your small business already have accounts with Stripe?

A benefit of selecting these add ons for Kashoo is that it allows you to set up Payment Notification Emails once the accounts are all set up. This way, you receive an email notification in real-time, knowing exactly who has paid you. Our integration also allows you to choose your Client Default, where you can select a default processor (i.e. Stripe) to use with any specific client. This helps you save time when creating an invoice, so you can get it out the door and to your clients that much quicker!

Not sure how to do it? It’s simple. You can this new credit card processor on your Kashoo Workspace Dashboard under “Settings.” We strongly recommend creating separate clearing accounts to track the batch deposit of your payments to make your bank reconciliation easier.

Integrating Payroll Data with Kashoo

Kashoo offers integration with three payroll apps: PaymentEvolution (Canadian Payroll), SurePayroll, and Paychex (USA Payroll). If you already have your payroll accounts set up in Kashoo, then integrating your payroll data can help you increase productivity, such as keeping track of each transaction that you’ve closed during your payroll period.

For example, once the apps are integrated, PaymentEvolution will automatically create an Expense in Kashoo for each employee paid, including the entire transaction history. You can access the details by clicking on the transaction, so you no longer have to worry about tracking this manually, or about losing any payroll records.

Not sure how to do it? It’s simple. Our help desk goes into detail on how you can import your SurePayroll, PaymentEvolution, and Paychex payroll data straight into Kashoo.

Importing Data From FreshBooks To Make Accounting Even Easier!

The online invoicing and time tracking app, FreshBooks, is another cloud accounting software aimed to make small business owners’ lives a little less painful when it comes to bookkeeping. The best part of integrating FreshBooks with Kashoo (and Kashoo with FreshBooks) is the range of benefits that you can receive as a Kashoo user—and a FreshBooks user!

As productive as your accounting may currently be, there is always room for improvement—and integrating FreshBooks with Kashoo is definitely a good place to start. Not only will you have access to professional-looking invoices to send to your clients by postal mail or email with automatic reminders, but you will also get a hold of tracking your bank balances and conducting bank reconciliation straight from your app! Way to make accounting even easier, right?

Not sure how to do it? It’s simple. See for yourself how easy it is to set up and import data from FreshBooks into Kashoo, and vice versa!