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May the 4th Be With You – Kashoo Joins the Dark Side

By May 4, 2017November 22nd, 2023No Comments

A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far, far away, rogue developers rebelled against the strict confines of existing accounting software systems and created their own system – a system capable of destroying all other accounting systems.

Hailed as one of the greatest accounting software systems in the outer rim territories, the developers revelled in this new found glory, but the power of the Dark Side is strong…

It’s not often you get to use Star Wars references with accounting software, so being able to apply it to both a product update and iPhone workshop, well, we just had to force it.

Dark Mode – Kashoo joins the Dark Side

Many of our clients have requested alternate screen options for a few reasons; be it for better nighttime viewing, a visual aid preference, or they miss the good ole green-screen the AS400 offered.

With Kashoo’s new Dark Mode, clients can now choose between our traditional soft-white background, or our new dark-mode background by simply checking a setting.

Dark Mode.png

Enhanced Attachments Indicator

We were pretty excited when we rolled out our Attachments feature a few years ago, and have continued to make minor enhancements along the way. In addition to seeing the paperclip icon denoting an attachment on both Income/Expense screens, we will be rolling out an update so you can see attachment indicators when viewing Accounts, Clients, and Suppliers too – providing even more attachment visibility!

Square Multi-location Support

Kashoo clients can now add multiple Square accounts via Settings in Kashoo. This allows clients to link up each of your square locations, but more important, you can have a single set of books in Kashoo that has all of the information for your multiple locations.

Payments Made Even Easier

After our launch of Payments we took some time to see where we can streamline Payments after the initial rollout. We decided to simplify a few things which led to removing items that weren’t crucial for clients to configure. This allows clients to enable Payments in Kashoo even quicker (because 43 seconds was too long).

iOS Update is Real Estate Bargain!

Screen Real Estate is important when it comes to iPhones and iPads, so we’ve enabled clients with the ability to hide the Acme Photo sample business, and also moved the “Log Out” to a less prominent location. Both of these small tweaks will help make Kashoo more intuitive, and allowing for an enhanced on-screen experience.

Additionally, upon launching the Kashoo iOS app you are now taken into the last business that you were in, saving you a tap and no longer requiring clients to go through the business selection screen.

What the Future Beholds

Our entire team believes in transparency, so when our developers aren’t trying to find plot holes in the latest Star Wars episode, here are just a few things things they’re working on to continue to make Kashoo the best accounting app in the galaxy:

      • Enhanced Business Settings:
        In order to tailor Kashoo to meet your needs as a small business Jedi, we’ve added a few fields under Business Settings to help us get a deeper understanding of your business and what it needs.
      • The Most Requested Features:
        We’ve prioritized some of the more popular feature requests and are incorporating them into our next releases. Keep your requests coming, and we’ll keep working.
      • Square Expansion into UK and Australia:
        Square is expanding into the UK and Australia and Kashoo is expanding with them! We’re so excited to offer a real-time Square integration into these new App Marketplaces very soon.
      • MAJOR Refresh – iOS app:
        Our award-winning iOS app is a “light sabre” in our clients’ financial arsenal. So we’re investing to simplify and streamline it so that it’s even more powerful. Stay tuned for the next release in the AppStore.

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