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Welcome to a Brand New Year

By January 14, 2016February 26th, 2019No Comments

Every new year brings new resolutions. As such, we want to share ours with you. First, we resolve to get to know you, the Kashoo customer, better than ever. Second, we resolve to go all-in for you and help you fly your flag.

Let’s contextualize those resolutions by looking at what we learned in 2015…

You Are a Real Business Owner

This sounds obvious, but last year we learned that what you do isn’t just a job or a hobby or a thing on the side. We learned that you are 1,000 percent committed to your business. You absolutely love owning every aspect of it—including the books. (After all, there’s no reason for you to pay a bookkeeper a few hundred dollars a month to do something that is not only not that hard, but also something you actually love doing.)

With that knowledge, we decided to take a “big picture” look at the Kashoo brand. It didn’t take us long to realize that our brand could align much better with who you are. So we decided to set the bar higher. We sought to create a brand that we could aspire towards; something we could continually rally around.

And that brings us back to the idea of the flag, specifically what we’re calling the “K” flag:


What a Flag Means

A flag represents a declaration; a movement. You stake a flag at the summit of the mountain you just conquered and then you look around for what’s next. You carry your flag on your journey, and your journey is your business.

Yes, we make accounting software and our aim is to make bookkeeping as easy as it possibly can be, but our reason for being is to help you fly that flag. We are on the journey with you.

So if that sounds like something you want to be a part of, let’s do it. Let’s fly your flag.

We invite you to explore the new look and feel of Kashoo and welcome any feedback. Email me at

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