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Using a Twitter Presence To Grow Your Small Business

By October 25, 2018November 23rd, 2023No Comments

If you’re running a small business and aren’t using Twitter, you might want to rethink your strategy! Currently, nearly three-quarters of companies with any type of online presence are now using Twitter for marketing purposes. On top of that, 47 percent of users who follow a brand on Twitter will likely visit that company’s website.

So why wouldn’t you take advantage of that platform?

But just because you sign up doesn’t mean leads will start rolling in. Like any marketing tool, Twitter should be used cautiously by users who are trained to use it. One poorly-worded or -timed tweet can cause irreparable damage to your brand and reputationone that could take years to fix.

Despite these risks, Twitter is a powerful social media tool to use to expose your small business to brand-new audiences that otherwise might not have stumbled onto your brand. Here’s why you should consider Twitter in your social media portfolio:

Use Twitter Followers to Propel Your Brand

If any of your customers are savvy and in-the-know, they won’t just hope that they’ll be able to chat with the businesses they patronize—they’ll expect it. Just by being on Twitter shows that you’re taking initiative to be a part of the conversation.

Before you hit that sign-up button, decide what kind of Twitter account you want your business to have:

  • Is it going to be used as a “voice” that engages with followers in a light or humorous way?
  • Will your Twitter be used specifically to respond to customer complaints 24/7?
  • Or will it be used as a broadcasting platform where you send out company messages or promote upcoming products? 

Your feed can even be a combination of all three versions, but once you decide on your style, try your best to stick with it. A consistent theme will help your Twitter followers understand and connect with you better. Assuming your potential and existing customers are already on Twitter, you can instantly inform them of your business’ newswhether it’s an announcement, an upcoming event, a new product, or a special dealthey’ll be the first ones in the know. 

Monitor Competitors To Stay Competitive (And To Help Make Strategic Decisions)

If you’re on Twitter, chances are your competitors are too. And they’re likely already monitoring you, which is all the more reason to build a well-rounded strategy behind each tweet.

The great thing about Twitter is that it lets you hear and keep up-to-date on what other people are talking about. For instance, using Twitter Search, you can easily find out what people are saying about a particular topic. If your small business (or a competitor) is in the limelight, Twitter is a great way to keep informedso that you can make business decisions accordingly!

Connect and Engage with Customers

Besides monitoring your competitors, it’s equally important to use Twitter for engagement. Rather than simply spamming product announcements, use the platform to communicate with others (remember: communication is a two-way street). In fact, 85 percent of followers feel much more connected with a small business after following them. If you’re engaging with these users too, you’ll simply be adding the cherry on top.

Using the social networking platform also gives you full authority to present the kind of image that attracts your potential customersrather than scare them off. Just like any social media tool, engaging with your existing and potential customers can help refine your brand.

Twitter can also provide your small business one more channel to inform and engage your current and potential customers. Listen carefully to find out more about your customers:

  • What are their likes and dislikes?
  • How do they feel about your brand?
  • Do they have suggestions for improvement? What are they, if any?
  • What are their favourite products and why?

These are all critical information that you can store away to shape business decisions while taking into account your customer’s wants and needs. And the best part is that it’s free! Start a Twitter presence today to see how it can take your small business to the next level and let us take care of redundant tasks (like your bookkeeping).

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