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Accounting Basics

Truly Anywhere Accounting

By July 17, 2015February 26th, 2019No Comments

We tout the joys and benefits of anywhere, anytime accounting a great deal here on the Kashoo blog—and that got us thinking. What would be some of the coolest places you could create an invoice, capture an expense or do some bank reconciliation? (Yes, we know how incredibly nerdy that sounds, but what we can we say? Most of us are at least a little nerdy—especially when it comes to accounting or technology.) So with that, here are a few places that, assuming internet connectivity, we think would be oh-so-fun to do some bookkeeping from… 

The Empire State Building Observation Deck


Because cranking out financial transactions from the financial capital of the world would be awesome. (Photo source: viator)


From the Sidecar of a Motorcycle


Especially if Conan is driving! (Photo source: Pet Luxe Cincinnati)


Saba Rock


This glorious speck of an island is in the British Virgin Islands. Sir Richard Branson’s island is just to the north, visible from the deck! (Photo source: Saba Rock)




It doesn’t look like this guy has any sort of waterproofing going on, so we’ll go ahead and recommend that. (Photo source: melomanio)


The Whistler Blackcomb Peak 2 Peak Gondola


There’s a good chance one of our front end designers has done this… (Photo source: Crystal Lodge)


The Dumbo Ride at Disney World


So long as you can put up with noisy kids and the potential for motion sickness, this is a perfect place to pull, say, a profit and loss statement, no?


From First Class of a 787


We’re betting the wifi’s faster here than in coach. (Photo source: One Man’s Blog)


The International Space Station


This is probably unrealistic unless you’re an astronaut who also does NASA’s accounting, but hey, why not dream big? And by the way, it definitely looks like this astronaut is using a tablet. (Photo source: Blog on the Universe)


So there you go. Fantasy accounting geek-out complete. 


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