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The New Accountant: Get Ready for a Change [Guest Post]

By May 28, 2013December 6th, 2023No Comments

The following is a guest post from Josh Zweig, Principal of LiveCA, Canada’s first online accounting firm allowing today’s mobile entrepreneurs to connect directly to a Chartered Accountant wherever, whenever. Their philosophy is that accounting is no longer just about doing taxes, but also about technology.

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When most people think of accountants, the image that most often springs to mind is that of a bespectacled, drowning-in-paperwork, white-collar automaton, the sort we’re accustomed to seeing in Hollywood movies. What most people have yet to realize, however, is that another image of accounting is starting to emerge—and it will soon be upon us in full force…

Enter the “New Accountant.”

The “New Accountant” is unencumbered by the tedious traditions and practices of the past generation. They’re shedding the ho-hum attitude of the profession’s predecessors, relying instead on a tech-savvy, business-forward philosophy that values accessibility, personality, and an unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit.

With the help of new technologies (specifically cloud tech), today’s professionals are becoming tremendously more efficient, connected, and organized than they have ever been. At the same time, they’re gaining freedom of movement to pursue outside-the-office lifestyles that make them happier, more productive, and better informed of what’s going on in the world.

And that’s all happening because of technology. Take a look at some of the new accounting applications that have been hitting the market over the last few years: cloud accounting software, receipt scanning, automatic bank feeds, online invoicing.. the list goes on and on. The “New Accountant” is identifying the value in these tools and applications and they’re implementing them to differentiate from the competition. Where the old school accountant may look at, say, an iPad as a toy, the “New Accountant” sees a mobile, always-on client who uses business apps from anywhere, anytime. The same can be said for software: anywhere, anytime access to data may cause hesitation to the old guard, but for the new, it’s all about saving time—and money—with a secure cloud.

And where small businesses owners are concerned, new tech is making the “New Accountant” a truly trusted ally. With a zest for success never before seen in the accounting world, these emerging specialists will suggest the right combination of programs to keep your books up to date, run your business efficiently and eliminate a large chunk of the data entry, so you can focus on business growth instead of putting together (and getting sucked into) an accounting back office. The “New Accountant” can then do what he or she does best: help you to strategize.

Suddenly being an accountant no longer revolves around tedious number crunching. It means asking the right questions and understanding the client. It means staying on top of and adopting the latest tech that can improve client businesses. It means being personable to offer the right software training. It means being creative and cutting edge. It means thinking efficiently and entrepreneurially. Put that way and accounting in today’s tech-centric landscape is downright fun.


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