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Small Business Owners Tell Us Why They Chose Kashoo!

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If you’re here, you might be asking; “Is online or cloud accounting right for my business? What’s the value of using Kashoo over the other accounting apps?” Instead of telling you ourselves, we thought we’d let Small Business Owners who use Kashoo every day to tell you how we’re changing their businesses for the better.

Collecting & Remitting Taxes

“I love Kashoo because the support is great, and they understand Canadian needs, such as GST and payroll deductions.” 
-Tara G., Kashoo Customer since 2014

We get that collecting and remitting taxes is a complicated process. That’s why in Kashoo, you have the ability to set up as many different taxes to meet your business’ needs. Then when the time is right, you can record your Sales Tax Remittances directly in Kashoo. The app creates the entry in your account, and then you have all the documentation you need to make your payment to the government!

For more detailed information, check out our support articles on Setting Up Taxes and Remitting Sales Taxes.


Work Wherever You Want, Even Offline

“The application is simple, easy to access from various tools: iPad, iPhone, computer, and the help and education is great. I just feel like I have a second accountant sometimes!” 
-Kathi J., Kashoo Customer since 2012

Kashoo has an award-winning iOS app that can be downloaded to your tablet or phone for free from the App Store. This gives you the freedom to work offline when you’re traveling or on-site with a remote client. Once you’re back in WiFi range, Kashoo will sync your financial information instantly, and your collaborators around the world will have access to your data.

Accounting Education & Quick Response

“I’m a legacy member and an advocate of Kashoo. I always recommend it to friends, colleagues, and the rest of my network. Features, web and mobile access, and affordability are what I value. But more so, I’m always impressed with the constant innovation coming from the team at Kashoo. Services like Kashoo U and Live Chat are value-adds that you can’t put a price tag on.” 
-Jeff K., Kashoo Customer since 2012

We know that accounting wasn’t everyone’s favourite subject in school. That’s why we created Kashoo U. Whether you want to learn the basics or just refresh your memory on accounting terms and processes. Kashoo U is totally FREE and available for everyone, regardless of whether you have a Kashoo account or not.

If you have more specific questions about our app or if something seems to be wrong with your account, get your answers quick by talking to us in real time: call us at 1-888-520-5274 or use the “Live Chat” located in the blue bar at the bottom right corner of our web app or our Kashoo homepage.

Built By Canadians, For Canadian Businesses

“It’s a CANADIAN PRODUCT! It is targeted to Canadians, and makes our lives so much easier (especially for small businesses). Your webinars are very useful. Keep up the good work!” 
-Ricardo V., Kashoo Customer since 2012

Our Customer Success, Development, and Leadership teams are all based out of our Railtown HQ in beautiful Vancouver, Canada! We speak GST, HST, CRA, hockey, and TimBits.

We love running our live weekly workshops to help our customers with things like taxes, payroll, and getting the most out of the tools available within our software. Participate with other small business owners, and ask questions the moment you think of them. Attendees always leave with a great new piece of knowledge to assist them in their business’ success. Check out our schedule and reserve your spot now.

Run More Than One Business?

“I love that I can use it for more than one company. And that it’s so easy to navigate between companies. Although, my companies are very small with very few transactions, I have many of them so this feature is great. I also love that it’s all on the cloud so that my accountant (who is in Brazil) can enter everything, and I can look at it and print reports from here (Santa Monica).” 
-Thomas U., Kashoo Customer since 2015

Are you running a bunch of small businesses? We’ve found that most entrepreneurs have a number of businesses on-the-go at any one time so we’ve built Kashoo so that you can set up as many businesses as you need under your one Kashoo account. It’s quick and simple to switch from one to the other.

When you need to collaborate with your business partners, your accountant, or your bookkeeper, our multi-user access gives you the power to invite whomever you’d like to sign in and collaborate on your accounts. All additional users have their own individual ID’s with specified access levels, and all the changes they make in your Kashoo account are fully trackable in our Activity page.


Customizable, Flexible, and Powerful

“I have used Kashoo for four years now, for my business. Kashoo has enabled me to be more mobile and its accessibility is incomparable. I have tried other software, and yes, they may be more advanced, but are more complicated. I have staff using Kashoo with no prior experience in accounting or non-accounting graduates themselves, but have used Kashoo to help me analyze and see their store operations from afar. Kashoo is simple and customizable so that I can use it from a food business, to petroleum retail or a manpower business. That is how simple, yet flexible and powerful Kashoo is, for any business.” 
-Cristina A., Kashoo Customer since 2011

Your business is unlike any other so in Kashoo, you have the power to set up your account to suit the customized needs of your business. Label your accounts and organize everything in a way that makes sense to you. It’s quick and easy to arrange Kashoo for your business!

Use the powerful reporting tools within our app to analyze the health of your business.

For example, the Aged Receivables Report gives you insight into who still hasn’t paid your invoices, and how long they’ve been overdue. Even your accountant or your business partners can review the report in real time from anywhere.


World Class Support, Right at Home

“I really waded into the accounting world. You are always there when I have a question with answers and explanations. I love the online chat, and ask questions that are probably too basic for me to pick up the phone, but you are always right there. Thanks!” 
-Vicki P., Kashoo Customer since 2011

Stuck on something? Something doesn’t look quite right? Call, Live Chat, or Email, we are here to help you succeed! Our support is open Monday through Friday from 6am to 5pm Pacific Standard Time. If we missed you, your requests are prioritized, and we will respond as quickly as humanly possible. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Phone: 1-888-520-5274


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