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See What’s New with the Kashoo iOS Accounting App

By August 5, 2015January 12th, 2022No Comments

This week, we’ve released version 4.3 of the Kashoo iOS apps (iPad and iPhone)—and it’s all about saving time. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s new…

New Payment Transaction Features

When you open up the latest version of Kashoo on your iPhone or iPad, the most notable updates you’ll notice center around payment transactions and your ability to handle them with greater sophistication. You are now able to easily:

  • Create new invoice payments
  • Create new bill payments
  • Create, modify, and remove payments that span multiple records (invoices/expenses)
  • Handle pre-payments
  • View payments in list views
  • Add attachments to payments


Before we go any further, here are some handy videos that covers how to enter an invoice and expense payments…

You can now also add attachments to transfer and adjustment type transactions. This can be useful for including photos of bank transfer slips and other supporting material for transactions.


Previously, adding a payment was possible but you had to dig through the lists of transactions to find the appropriate invoice or expense to edit. Version 4.3 introduces a streamlined way to accomplish this directly from the Quick Entry create menu. Plus, you can now enter multiple payments in fewer taps without ever leaving the new payment screen. Fewer taps means more time saved!

Prior to this week’s release, what you could actually do with the payment was basic. For example, if you received a check from a customer for $1,000 that paid two invoices (each for $500), you would have to edit those two individual invoices in order to record the payment. Now this happens all in one quick step resulting in even more time saved.

With iOS 4.3, we’ve reduced the number of taps it takes to add a payment. And in addition to basic payment information, you can now…

  • Add a reference number
  • Allocate funds as a pre-payment or credit against the customer’s account
  • Select one or multiple invoices or bills against which the payment is applied
  • Attach a photo (like a check) to the payment
  • View payments in the list of all transactions and edit each individual payment record
  • Create, modify or remove payments even if they span multiple invoices or bills

So make sure your Kashoo iPad and/or iPhone apps are up-to-date (or download for free, if you’re new to the community) and let us know what you think!

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