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Productivity Apps (Beyond Accounting!)

By March 3, 2015 February 26th, 2019 No Comments

We build Kashoo with the goal of making your life easier. If you’re spending less time working on accounting and bookkeeping, you’re spending more time doing what you love. That said, there are a number of other aspects of your work life that technology can improve. Here are some of the best productivity apps that can help you be you…

Everyone’s familiar with the most popular work / productivity apps: LinkedIn, Evernote, GoToMeeting, Dropbox, etc. But there is a ton of innovation in this space—and it seems like there’s a new great app released every day…


Trello is a dead-simple way to keep track of, well… anything. From projects to tasks to staff, Trello let’s you see statuses and progress in real time. You can invite collaborative members and the Trello mobile apps make it easy to keep things up-to-date from anywhere, anytime.


The wildly popular Slack brings team communication to a single place in a simple way that’s also searchable. The Verge has gone as far as saying that Slack is killing email. (We also adore their promo video)…

Sunrise Calendar

Recently acquired by Microsoft, Sunrise takes all the wonkiness out of working with multiple calendar platforms. Its “clean user-interface carries over to all major platforms, providing a consistent experience that works with iCloud, Google, and Exchange.” Why is this useful? In short, the different calendar platforms still don’t talk all that well to each other—and that impacts things like inviting a prospect to a demo when their on Outlook and you’re on Google. Sunrise aims to fix that.


We recently shared the news that Kashoo now integrates with 1Password, so naturally, we’re fans. But in today’s work world, you seemingly have a password for everything—and that means forgetting passwords is a real issue. 1Password creates “strong, unique passwords for every site, remembers them all for you and logs you in with a single tap.”


Evernote recently came out with Scannable, an integrated app that makes scanning documents—from contracts to business cards—easier than ever. Yes, there a number of other scanning apps out there, but Scannable’s usability is tops. Naturally you can share and send what you scan or export to Evernote and a handful of other integrated apps.

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