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Our Favorite Business iPad Apps

By July 31, 2012 February 26th, 2019 No Comments

From simple mobile connectivity to cloud-based apps that manage core business disciplines, the iPad is changing the way business gets done. And here at Kashoo, we practice what we preach! Here are some of our favorite business iPad apps that we’re using every day…

Chuck / CTO: OmniFocus is my go-to for running my GTD system. Everything I’m doing or going to do is in there. With OS X, iPhone and iPad clients, I can see what I have to do anywhere I am. I also love Notes Plus and Keynote.

Jim / CEO: Soulver is a great companion app to Kashoo. I keep our monthly expenses and key performance indicators in scratch files and I can do quick “what if?” calculations. I use GoToMeeting on the iPad to participate in our webinars. When I’m working on documents offline I use Office2 HD to connect to our Google Apps and create/edit documents.

Scott / Marketing: Mindjet for iPad is a cool, easy way to generate ideas, create diagrams, or simply organize thoughts.

Amrik / Small Business Evangelist: Hootsuite is a fantastic app for social media management. You can set up multiple social accounts, schedule messages to go out in the future, and keep on top of social media responses sent by multiple staff members. I also use Skitch to quickly annotate screenshots and drawings.

Chris / Software Engineer: GoodReader is a great eReader app, ideal for PDFs. I also use Evernote to keep my records organized.

Mark / Webmaster: 30/30 is a great business productivity app because of its easy-to-use interface. It keeps me motivated and on task. A must have for those with lots of priorities.

Sandra / Customer Service, Accounting Expert: Big Calculator. As an accountant by trade, I can never be without a good calculator. It even has an adding machine tape.

Geoff / Software Engineer: Skype, Dropbox and Kindle Reader are my must-haves.

Maria / Software Developer: I love the TED iPad App. Having the ability to watch these thought provoking talks on-demand on the iPad is delightful – and a great source of motivation/inspiration.

Amer / Designer: I’m a visual person. And Cultured Code’s Things allows me to see all my tasks laid out in front of me, from picking up the dry cleaning to finalizing that all-important presentation. It allows me to categorize these tasks, add notes, deadlines, and reminders. Most importantly, it gives me the satisfaction of checking things off my to-do list. (Don’t tell anyone this, but sometimes I add items that I have already completed for the sheer satisfaction of checking them off.)

Todd / Business Development: Penultimate is a great note taking app. I like to keep a running record of meetings and conversations. In the app, I have notebooks for each business development client and all of our conversations. Also a fan of Reeder, and Zite.

And of course, we’re all fans of a certain accounting app

If you’ve got a favorite business iPad app, tweet us @KashooOnline!