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October 2017 – Taking the Fright Out of Accounting Software

By October 12, 2017November 22nd, 2023No Comments

Though we’re crazy about accounting, we know the thought of managing your business finances can be frightening. With Halloween fast approaching, we thought it fitting to give you a treat and share the latest changes to Kashoo accounting software.

Kashoo is taking the spooky out of accounting software.
While we hope using Kashoo NEVER gives you nightmares, our developers cooked up some significant improvements in the new version of the iOS app (v4.15), as well as some frighteningly good changes if you use our web-based software. We are dead serious about integrating your feedback into Kashoo to make your experience a scream. Read on for the latest improvements to our software.

What’s New in Kashoo v4.15 for iOS

It’s alive! Our new creation, Kashoo v4.15 for iPhone and iPad users, includes an updated interface and reporting tools. Don’t forget to update the app to see the improvements on your device.

The development team used their hocus-pocus to relieve the nightmare of interacting with Kashoo on a small screen. The result is a newly updated interface that takes advantage of every pixel.

Interface Changes for Kashoo on iOS

When working across multiple devices, sometimes syncing transactions can be frightful. Now, if a transaction you’ve entered on your iOS device doesn’t sync, an indicator in the corner of the transaction will let you know. The first transaction in the image below hasn’t yet synced, and the indicator quickly shows which transactions haven’t updated.

Unsynced Indicator Update in Kashoo v4.15 for iOS

Entering multiple transactions at a time used to fill even the most patient Kashoo users with dread. But the new date selector saves you the headache of having to scroll through a monthly calendar to choose the right date. Choose from the traditional calendar view or our new yearly view to save time when entering older transactions.

Select your date simply and intuitively.

The order of the icons (on the left side of the app on iPad, and in the main menu on iPhone) seemed strange, since most of you jump right into managing income and expenses anyways. So we’ve moved the “Banking” icon down below the “Expenses” icon to make it easier for your to access Kashoo’s most important features faster.

The new reorganized menu on Kashoo for iOS.

Several improvements to the app layout (especially on your iPhone) make managing your small business finances even easier. To keep your screen from feeling tighter than Dracula’s coffin, the bottom tabs and buttons were removed. But, instead of just killing the “Quick Entry” button, we moved it to the upper right corner of the screen next to the gear icon. Speaking of witch (see what we did there), when you tap the gear icon, it now includes some killer new features, including the ability to change your business settings, and access our amazing Customer Success team.

Gear icon allows you to access business settings.

Tapping on the “Income” or “Expenses” icon (on the left side of the app on iPad, and in the main menu on iPhone) will show you the income and expense entries from all clients and suppliers. You’ll notice a new icon at the top of the page that will allow you to filter entries.

Filter your lists by client or supplier.

Kashoo iOS Reporting Changes

To make reporting eerily convenient, we’ve included better customization and controls. You can now sort your reports in a fashion that makes sense to how you do business, as well as choose custom date ranges.

Income Statement – Sort your Income Statement Reports by account name or number. The default is based on the preferences you’ve already set in the web app. You can change the default anytime on the iOS app, but if you want to update your preferences for all devices you’ll have to do it through the online version.Sort your Income Statement reports by account name or number.

Unpaid Invoices and Bills (A/R & A/P) – Create a custom date range when generating Aged Receivables (A/R) or Aged Payable (A/P) reports. This feature is critical when you need to go back and review this information for a particular time period (like during tax season).

Kashoo Web App Updates

Bank Reconciliation Improvements

Banking is found in the Actions section.One of our most important changes is to help you ensure your accounting software transactions match those from your connected bank account. (You can access Kashoo’s bank reconciliation features from the “Banking” menu on the left side of the screen in the “Actions” section.)

Clicking on the “Add Statement” button at the bottom of the screen triggers a pop-up box which tells you to make sure the difference on your Bank Reconciliation Report (which you can now generate as a PDF and save to your computer after adding a statement) reads “0.”

While this may seem like common sense to those of you with an accounting background, this message is one of the many ways Kashoo integrates current best practices in accounting with our software to ensure you’re not pulling your hair out when tax time rolls around.

When you make changes to saved statements, a pop-up will appear informing you that you’re overriding older information when you save your changes. It’s recommended you also generate a new report and save that for future reference.

Stop Recreating the Wheel and Duplicate Your Heart Out!

Since entering transactions in Kashoo can be as repetitive as saying Trick or Treat every time someone opens their door to you on Halloween night, we’ve made duplicating transactions easier than ever.

Right-click on any transaction to make a copy. The feature is available almost everywhere (like on the income and expenses page) to save you time. (Unfortunately, our developers aren’t sure how to do that with trick or treating yet, but they promised they’re working on it.)

The duplicate function is now accessible anywhere in our software.

Activity Log

We know how important it is to be able to see your history, no matter how scary it may be. Every menu item on the left in the Action section now includes a snapshot of your history for that particular action (Income and Expenses, Bills to Pay, etc.)

Client/Supplier Contact Information

We put a lot of detail into our client and supplier contact information pages, but sometimes you don’t need to include all that detail in your records. Instead of removing the info completely, we’ve compressed the “Address” and “Additional Details” section by default so all the empty fields don’t stop your heart when you’re entering new clients or suppliers.

Additional information for every client or supplier is available with one click.

When you’re busy with things like carving jack-o-lanterns and applying creepy monster makeup, you want to get in and out of Kashoo as quickly as possible. Now you can set a default payment account for new clients and suppliers when entering them for the first time. This way, you can enter transactions faster without having to choose a payment account.

Wrapping It Up

Every improvement or update wouldn’t be possible without feedback from dedicated clients like you and the brilliant minds on our development team. The reason why Kashoo slays the competition is we’re constantly adapting our accounting software to include accounting best practices and make it as easy as possible for small business owners like you to keep track of your business finances. Plus, we’re constantly working to take the frights out of accounting and make it less spooky. Try Kashoo for yourself and see.

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