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Need Some Space This Thanksgiving?

By November 24, 2015 February 26th, 2019 No Comments

It’s Thanksgiving time in the U.S. For many, that means family time. Lots and lots of family time. And while that’s certainly a good thing, too much can, well, you know… lead to unspeakable horrors.  That’s why we’re relaying five airtight activities small business owners can fall back on should they need a little bit of alone time.

Organize Your Books

Yeah, you knew this one was going to be first, but it’s what we know best! Given that year-end is creeping up, you should be getting your books in perfect order anyway. Have a stack of expense receipts that need to be logged? A family dinner table discussion on the merits of the 2016 presidential candidates is a great time to tackle them. Need to square up on the year’s accounts receivable and accounts payable? Your uncle’s eighth bourbon is a fine milestone to do the small business-owning work that won’t get done unless you do itβ€”and it has to get done. Like, now.

(Source: CNN)

Update Your Company Website

The holiday push is coming! You’ve got to be ready! You’ve got to update your company’s website! What’s that? Your business doesn’t depend on a holiday sales season? Well maybe you want to test it out and see if there’s a market. Either way, as soon as you mention that you have some website updating to do, no one will want to talk to you because they think website stuff is boring.


Shape Next Year’s Marketing Strategy

If you’ve been thinking about exploring new marketing tactics to help drive leads, end-of-year is a great time to organize your thoughts. Look for that argumentative moment between Packers and Bears fans as the right time to slip away and put pen to paper.

Review Your Business Insurance

Yeah. No one’s going to want to hang out with you if this is what you’re looking to do during the Macy’s Day Parade.

Identify Expenditures You Can Make That’ll Drive 2015 Tax Exposure Down

Been thinking about getting a new piece of equipment for your business? Maybe you desperately need a new computer. Or maybe you’re itching to buy the iPad Pro. Take some time to think about how end of year business purchases can help drive down your bottom line and, thus, your 2015 tax exposure. (Study up on expenses while you’re at it.)

But always remember: you’ve got nothing if you don’t have family.