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Here’s Why a Mobile Accounting App Can Improve Your Small Business

By November 21, 2019November 26th, 2019No Comments

Are you an entrepreneur who is always on the go? A small business owner who travels for work? Or are you a travel enthusiast, but also really keen on growing a successful business? If this sounds like you, then adopting a mobile accounting app might be just the thing for you. After all, there must be a way to improve your business while on-the-go, without sacrificing the needs of your business or your clients.  

If you’re in the same boat, then read on to discover a few reasons why (and how) your small business can benefit from adopting a mobile accounting app for your bookkeeping purposes.


A Sense of Immediacy

Small business owners are increasingly coveting the ability to work on their businesses from anywhere. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or simply don’t believe in a standard 9-5 workday, cloud-based accounting software works like a charm to help provide flexibility. 

However, not all accounting platforms offer a companion accounting app. Moreover, not every accounting app out there is the right fit for your business. 

Accounting software that has mobile accounting apps offers much greater mobility, flexibility, and therefore immediacy. In an age of instant gratification, forgetting to bring your books to Mexico or struggling to access your financial reports while out at dinner just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Serving your Clients Well Through the Payment Process

Knowing your clients’ needs are important: how else do you attract, maintain and retain customer loyalty? 

But doing good work for your clients is only half the battle. In the accounting world, invoicing can be the hard part and is just as important. 

Set up strong internal invoicing processes to not only help minimize rework but to demonstrate to your clients that they should be paying you on time and consistently. 

Mobile accounting apps are designed to help you serve your clients from literally anywhere. As long as you have your smartphone, you have access to the important stuff. You can upload expense details on the fly, send a well-crafted invoice while you’re eating out, or access financial reports when an investor requests for them. 

If your invoices are unprofessional and late, sent out in inconsistent manners, numbered incorrectly, or consists of calculating errors—how do you expect your clients to take payments seriously, or at all? 

With your mobile accounting app, you also increase the likelihood of your ability to send invoices to your clients on-time—which directly translates to them doing the same for you. After all, respect is a two-way street.

Grow Technological Capabilities

Adopting accounting software is a big leap. Particularly when a mobile accounting app is thrown into the mix. But when used correctly, a small business owner can use it as a tool to improve their business.

Accounting software that offers the use of a mobile accounting app provides numerous benefits to entrepreneurs and small business owners who are in the pursuit of growing their business. Some of these include: providing a sense of immediacy, serving your clients through the payment process, and the ability to grow your technological capabilities.  

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