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Listen to Bruce Clay, Inc.’s Duane Forrester Field All Sorts of Small Business Digital Marketing Questions

By February 9, 2016February 26th, 2019No Comments

Last week we had the one and only Duane Forrester of Bruce Clay, Inc. on a special guest webinar to talk all things small business digital marketing. A ton of folks showed up and put some awesome questions to Duane. Topics covered range from SEO strategies and customer incentivization to best digital marketing starter tactics and how small business owners can best track their marketing dollars. 

A recording of the webinar can be found below. It picks up, as Homer said, in medias res, but you don’t miss much other than introductions. So push play, let it run in the background and keeping doing what you do! 

Shoutout to Bruce Clay, Inc.

Bruce Clay, Inc. is a full-service Internet marketing optimization company with full agency consultant online services as well as information resources for effective do-it-yourself search engine marketing strategies and plansInternet marketing (SEO as an example) is technical, detailed work, but Bruce Clay, Inc. offers what it takes to succeed. They are more than an agency, providing knowledge transfer via free how-to search engine optimization information supported ​by top agency quality services, products, tools, links and tutorials. Learn more at

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