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Kashoo Customer Spotlight: Jendy Chicago

By March 27, 2013February 26th, 2019No Comments

For Jon Kopp and Wendy Estrada, owners of Jendy Chicago, the city’s premier luxury corporate car service, tackling the accounting portion of their business was not only no fun, it was downright painful. All of the usual symptoms were there: procrastination, hours spent wading through stacks of receipts and other documentation, the list goes on. And if time is money, inefficient accounting was putting a dent in their bottom line.

Wendy of Jendy Chicago

Then they came across the Kashoo iPad app in the App Store. Considering the innate mobile nature of their business of moving Chicago’s elite in style, this quickly became a match made in heaven. Jon and Wendy were now able to immediately capture expense receipts from the road. They were now able to sync transactions with a simple down pull swipe. And the fact that everything was syncing in the cloud, whoever was back at the office on could see what financial activity was happening from behind the wheel—while in park, of course. Kashoo’ing while driving is not cool!

All of these efficiency improvements not only made Jendy’s day-to-day better, but they also generated tangible results.

“Within 45 days of starting up with Kashoo, our margins doubled.”

We’d say that’s sufficient proof that simple cloud accounting for small business makes things a whole lot better.

Jon of Jendy Chicago

Stay tuned to the Kashoo blog for a video featuring Jon and Wendy.