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Turn on Your Cash Flow in Under a Minute!

By May 30, 2017October 13th, 2023No Comments

One of the most common things we hear from small business owners is that they want to be able to manage cash flow better, and to have more visibility on the money coming in (income) and the money going out (expenses) of their business.

Every business owner would love to have just the money coming in (positive cash flow), but it’s not always like that, and for some small businesses just getting that positive cash flow flowing is a struggle.


How can I get to “positive” cash flow?

First of all, in order to get paid, you have to ASK to BE paid. And if you’re not getting paid on the spot, you need to invoice your clients.

Okay, how should I invoice my clients?

Well, you can spend hours formatting something in Word, Excel, Google Docs,  and rely on memory to see who you’ve sent invoices to (and who has paid you for that matter). Or you can use Kashoo’s invoicing feature to email and track invoices — both paid and unpaid.

You can also customize invoices in Kashoo, add your logo, change fonts and layouts, or simply use one of our convenient and professionally designed invoice templates.

What happens when I send them an invoice?

That depends on what’s called your “terms of payment”. Without getting too accounting-y, payment terms tells your client when the money they owe you is due. Based on those terms, you’ll either get paid immediately (hopefully), or that invoice goes to what’s called Unpaid Invoices in Kashoo.

You can use the Unpaid Invoices report in Kashoo to see who owes you money, and to also see how overdue those payments are. From there you can follow up with those clients to settle up their accounts.

Better yet, you can create Client Statements in Kashoo and send those on a regular basis to your clients. This makes it seem like you’re not “hounding” them for payments on Unpaid Invoices.

I’d rather just get paid immediately!

Get paid immediately with Kashoo Payments!Who wouldn’t! That’s why we created Payments, it’s an amazing feature in Kashoo that allows you to send an invoice with a payment link so your client can pay by credit card the moment they receive an invoice.

By giving your client this quick and easy method of paying you, you’re reducing the chance that they DON’T pay you, and when they pay you immediately, that’s the positive cash flow you’re looking for.

Yeah, yeah, those credit card processors are a pain in the…

But that’s the best part, Kashoo’s Payments feature is super-easy to enable, taking less than a minute, and there are no merchant account setup nightmares either!

The merchant fees (2.9% + $0.30 per transaction) are all handled within Kashoo and allocated to the proper expense account for you. This allows you to spend more time growing your business, rather than doing your books and allocating fees — it just gets easier and easier, doesn’t it?!

For existing Kashoo clients, there’s another incredible upside when you enable Payments in Kashoo. All of a sudden you now have the perfect reason to resend any unpaid invoices with a payment link! Clear those unpaid invoices and get the cash flowing.

So there’s no catch…at all?

Nope. Manage your cash flow in 3 simple steps:


Bringing it all together:

Invoicing your clients in Kashoo is like the old “two (or three) birds with one stone” saying. By sending an invoice with a payment link, you’re allowing for a quicker payment, which in turn can lead to more positive cash flow. And by invoicing clients, you’re gaining visibility on those who haven’t paid so you can follow up with them.

Check out the Power of Payments!

Try Kashoo for FREE and start receiving credit card payments in less than a minute! Easy to enable, easy to get paid — you do want to get paid, right? Take advantage of Kashoo’s Payments feature!

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