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How I’m Working from the Car Today

By June 5, 2015 February 26th, 2019 No Comments

Here on the Kashoo blog, we talk about the awesomeness of working from anywhere, anytime—thanks to useful online business software apps. In that we practice what we preach, I figured I’d share how I’m getting work done today—from the road!

First, a quick background: I’m Dave. I run the Kashoo blog and a handful of other market-facing activities. I also represent Kashoo East with a homebase in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Today, I’m en route to New Hampshire for a friend’s wedding. This is a seven hour-plus drive up through perhaps the most trafficky region in North America. But spreading the gospel that is simple cloud accounting cares not about turnpikes and travel! Here’s how I’m staying productive…

I’m Not Driving

Let’s just get this out of the way. I am not driving. My wife is. Safety first, in all things.


A Mobile Hotspot

Second to safety is internet connectivity. That’s what powers this whole thing! I’m working off a Verizon Jetpack 4GLTE. 


I’ve got my trusty MacBook Air on my lap. This computer’s got great battery life, which matters because there aren’t too many cars that come with a power outlet in the front seat. 

Now Let’s Talk Business Apps

To keep in touch with the Kashoo team, I’ve got Hipchat open. This makes real-time one-to-one and group messaging dead simple. I’m also running Evernote to keep track of the day’s notes. 

Part of my job also entails keeping a finger on the pulse of Kashoo-related converstations happening online. To do that, I’ve got Hootsuite open. 

In my browser, I’ve got our Google Apps for Work up and running. That gives me access to basics like my Kashoo email (I spend a lot of time there), my calendar and my Google Drive. I’m also logged into our blogging platform (obviously) and if I’m working on an email campaign like a newsletter or something, I’m logged into that service as well. 

iPad and iPhone

I also have my iPad and iPhone with me. Naturally, I use my phone for calls, but I also like having access to the Kashoo iPhone app. The same goes for the Kashoo iPad app. Sometimes a customer (or potential customer) will have a question about the app, so being able to dive into the app myself can help me respond effectively. 

So that’s about it! With a good internet connection, the equipement and the right apps, working from wherever, whenever—inlcluding the road—is a snap!

What apps do you use when working on the run? Tell us on Twitter.