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Great Browser Extensions that Increase Productivity

By May 9, 2015 February 26th, 2019 No Comments

Productivity is a hot topic, primarily because it’s so hard to optimize. And for small business owners who are doing everything and everything (even though they should be offloading some non-mission critical tasks!), opitmal productivity is even harder to attain. Naturally, we’re firm belivers in technology’s promise to increase productivity—and we usually talk about that in the context of mobile apps that makes things like accounting and bookkeeping less time consuming and therefore productivity-friendly. But for entrepreneurs who spend the bulk of their time operating through a browser, we thought we’d relay some of our favorite browser extensions that drive productivity in general.

Adblock Plus

Not only does the Adblock Plus extension block annoying pop-up ads and clean up the web as you view it, it also blocks tracking and malware domains. Best of all? It prevents busy ads and video ads from slowing down page load time.



Are you easily distracted? Then Stayfocusd is the browser extension you need to stay on track. You can use it to block those time suck websites like Buzzfeed or Upworthy or Facebook (no offense, guys!) during certain time periods so you can stay on task.

Web Timer & RescueTime

Need help tracking how your work hours are spent? Web Timer is a great way to track browser hours automatically. If you want to track all of your computer time (and even your phone time as well), RescueTime is a fantastic tool that also offers productivity reports.

Checker Plus for Gmail

If you use gmail to power your email, Checker Plus for Gmail will save you vast amounts of time by alerting you to incoming emails, and allowing you to read and respond without opening a new tab. It’s just like getting notifications on your phone but through your browser instead.

Session Buddy

If you work with multiple tabs open at any given moment, you will love Session Buddy. It helps organize all of your open tabs in one place and allows you to save a group of open tabs to be accessed later. Plus it also saves open tabs if your browser crashes.

The Great Suspender

Another great extension for the open tabbers among us. If you aren’t currently using a web page but don’t want to close it, The Great Suspender will automatically suspend it so it’s not sucking up your memory and slowing down your browser.

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