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Now Add Any Attachment to Transactions!

By November 9, 2016February 26th, 2019No Comments

Who knew a simple “paper clip” could be so powerful? We’ve made some significant improvements in the way files (or attachments) are handled in Kashoo. 

It used to be that you could ONLY upload image files (JPG, PNG, GIF) and attach them to transactions as “backup.” Now, you can ATTACH ANY FILE to ANY TRANSACTION in Kashoo and it just works. Have a picture of a receipt to attach to an expense? No problem. Have an Excel or Word file to attach to an invoice? Done. Have a multipage PDF to attach to a payment? It’s all good. You also have the power to attach those files to expenses, journal entries, invoices, payments, or transfers.

So, why should you care?

Put simply: now you’re ready. Ready for an audit (hopefully not), ready to apply for a small business loan, or ready to sell your business. Not to mention, it will simplify your record keeping and save you time at month-end, year-end, and tax-time.

  • Attach receipts to expenses, so you’ve got backup if you’re audited (Canada Revenue Agency accepts scanned documents)
  • Attach contracts or agreements to your customer invoices
  • Store cheque images with payments
  • Store GST/HST filing documents when you remit a payment
  • Store bills with accounts payable (bills to pay) entries
  • Store incorporation papers with opening journal entries for your business

kashoo_attachments-2.png This means ALL of your important business documents are backed up, secure, and always available from the cloud – not just receipts for expenses. No more “shoebox,” because everything’s in one place.

But when we conceived this feature, we didn’t stop at “file type.” We also made other important changes to how files are handled inside the app and on our servers:

  • Files are NOT LIMITED by file size
  • After you attach files to your transactions, you can easily download individual files to your computer, Dropbox or iCloud folder
  • PDF, Word or Excel files can be as many pages as you want
  • The name of your original file is stored with the file and is kept when you download it for future use

For iOS users

Kashoo’s iOS app now offers loads of flexibility in how transactions and attachments can be added to your Kashoo account.

kashoo_attachments.jpgOne way is to create a transaction directly in Kashoo and then add the attachment. In the previous versions of our iOS app, when you wanted to attach a picture of a receipt, you would tap the camera icon and it would open the camera app and you could snap a photo of your receipt. The camera icon has now been replaced with the paper clip icon, so now when you tap it, you have the option to select ANY file from Dropbox, iCloud, your photo library or snap a picture as before. Way more flexible, way more useful, way more powerful. For many of us that used to “scan” all of our files and dump them into a folder, this a faster way to attach source documents to your transactions.

If your business is like ours, most of the bills we receive come from our vendors and suppliers via email. With this latest release, you can now select any file in ANY APP (like your mail app) then create the transaction by tapping the “share” menu, then selecting the “Add to Kashoo” icon in the bottom row. The Quick Entry screen in Kashoo will automatically open, and the attachment will already be included in the transaction. All without leaving your inbox.

We also use Kashoo for our books, so you can imagine, this one enhancement has saved us a ton of time in record-keeping.

If you would like more information on adding attachments to your transactions, read this article, give our Kashoo Customer Success team a call toll-free at 1-888-520-5274, or live chat us by clicking the tab at the bottom right of your browser window.

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