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Why Small Business Owners Love Kashoo—Kashoo Reviews

By August 15, 2019 September 16th, 2019 No Comments

We love hearing from our clients, whether through the live chat or through Kashoo reviews. Being able to keep the conversation open with our clients is how we’re able to continuously improve our software and tailor it to small business owners. Whether you’re looking into investing in accounting software for your business, or you’re just curious about what other clients are saying about us, here are some of our favourite recent Kashoo reviews!

Why Small Business Owners Love Kashoo—Kashoo Reviews

All of these reviews were collected from our Capterra page. If you’d like to learn more about Kashoo and read more reviews, go and check it out!

We’ve broken the reviews into key categories/features that our clients have been loving. Or as we’d like to call it “4 reasons why you should choose Kashoo for your small business accounting software needs!”

Customer Support

“Customer support has been excellent. easy to use” – Mike L, user since 2018

“I like how easy it is to use on a day to day basis. It is very user-friendly and easy for anyone to pick up. The customer service has also been outstanding!” – Anon, user since 2019

“Most users wouldn’t notice but when you get a bit outside the box you’re going to need some assistance from the support team. Some tasks are quite involved when you get past the ordinary. No worries though, the support team is there to guide you through.” – Rick D, user since 2017

“The key in selecting accounting software is not how much it can do for you, but how much support you can get after you take the plunge.
With Kashoo, the support is unbelievable. Utilizing their Chat feature will get you a satisfactory answer in a matter of an hour or so. I’ve never felt like I got a less than complete reply. Why? Because they know their product and are not paid to sit and answer questions all day long about something they don’t use. I can’t say that for the other software systems I’ve tried. I’m now running 3 businesses off of Kashoo.” – John M, user since 2016


“It has a very clean look and the fact that I can look at my statement very quickly is amazing” – Miguel M, user since 2018

“I can see an up-to-date Income Statement, and even filter it by monthly, yearly, year-and-year and more, and compare so I can adjust m business strategy when I need to. You can even see your paid receipts, clients that buy on credit, unpaid invoices and when to call them, and your own unpaid bills. ” Glenn G, user since 2017

“Kashoo is very easy to use, most of the interface is self-explanatory and sets up very well. Accounting features provide a simple overview of accounts, expenses, incomes, assets, etc. Everything can be exported as PDF which is very good for record-keeping.” – Sundeep M, user since 2019

Ease of Use

“Downloads bank information, and easy to use. It has been great. Everything for the business in 2019 is completely current. I have no complaints about the software. I have used some high-end software programs and Kashoo is better.” – Geoff C, user since 2018

“Everything was so simple to set up, and they support all my Canadian banks. Their customer service experience has also been amazing. Kashoo also allows me to have all 3 of my business under 1 log-in, which is incredible. Unlimited users also lets me allow my accountant and bookkeeper to have access to my numbers. Kashoo is the future of online accounting.” – Brandy P, user since 2019

“Kashoo is user-friendly, has an intuitive layout, and offers extensive support which enables a novice to get up and functioning in a relatively short time frame.” – David P, User since 2019

“Here’s the thing – I HATE accounting & bookkeeping. So I want to spend the least amount of time doing it. And, I want to spend even less time doing taxes. Several years ago, I researched all of the solutions out there, yeah QB too… but I dreaded a steep learning curve and wanted something accurate – and portable. Kashoo has the app for my phone & tablet so I can whip out an invoice real quick while visiting clients. It downloads from my bank just like the other big names and even has an option to accept credit cards from my clients. It’s really powerful, and if you’re a numbers geek you’ll have fun with all of the options. But for me – it just works. Online or app – I don’t wonder about my numbers anymore, nor do I waste a bunch of time. And they do regular webinars which are actually quite interesting. Almost makes me want to do my bookkeeping. Almost.” – Ken I, user since 2016


“Kashoo automatically lists the latest entries in income or expenses or other accounts if you select them. It’s also easy to learn and to get going and has excellent integration with Square allowing you to run detailed excel reports to slice and dice your Square transactions to your heart’s content. We are running a seasonal fast service restaurant with 20 employees and I was looking for something less costly than QBO that integrates well with our Square POS terminal. Kashoo does a great job with Square and it is less than half the price of QBO, but with commensurately less functionality.” – Ken O, user since 2019

“Kashoo has an easy layout and the app and desktop program syncs well. Its multi-user function allows my accountant can log-in, view, and fix up things. Cheapest on the market.” – Kelly G, user since 2019

“I think it is a fairly straight forward program. Simple to use once you get the trial balance into the program. We like the auto-download function for the bank statements and credit card. Because the cost of the program is so affordable I am able to use Kashoo for both my real estate business and my property management company. I wasn’t able to afford it with Quickbooks! My accountant and bookkeeper are much happier with Kashoo than with Quickbooks.” – Amy P, user since 2019

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