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What’s New with v4.4 of the Kashoo iOS App?

By September 25, 2015February 26th, 2019No Comments

We recently released v4.4 of the Kashoo iOS app. In addition to a few under-the-hood improvements, one feature we’re particularly excited to share is  Search integration. You can now use the native iOS Search function (in iOS 9) to search for your customers, vendors, and the names of their account as they appear in your Kashoo app. These results will appear in the list, and once you tap, not only will Kashoo open, but you’ll also drop right into what you searched for and tapped on!

Our Search integration is a time saving feature in two ways. First, you save a handful of taps and swipes. Secondly—and this is perhaps the coolest part—if you use Kashoo as the place where you manage all of the contact info for your customers and vendors, Search allows you to initiate a call or text quickly and easily—just by typing the customer name. You no longer have to launch the Kashoo app, navigate to the contact details page, tap the info icon, and then tap to call. Just do it right from Search!

Here’s an example. Let’s say that you run a small design firm and your printer just broke down. You remember that you bought it from Acme Printing Supply so you type in their name in Search on your iPhone to begin the repair process. Not only can you initiate the call right there from Search using the contact info from Kashoo, but you’ll also be able to jump right to the vendor details view to see your list of saved expenses, access purchase history and even view the original receipt. How useful will that be when you’re on the phone and they start asking for purchase and product details?

So go update your app! Or if the Kashoo iOS app is news to you, go download it for free!

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