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5 Low-Cost Technology Solutions For Small Business Owners

By December 6, 2018 No Comments

As a small business owner, you’ll quickly realize that technology can be your best friend. Not only can it help you work more efficiently and acquire more customers, it can also help you save money and time while doing it.

Let’s explore the 5 areas where technology solutions can help your small business become more profitable and productive in the long run.

1. Communicate Efficiently with Teleconference Services

Virtual communication makes up a large portion of what we do as small business owners. From conducting conference calls with team members to using Skype to discuss a product with a clientteleconference services make the process a whole lot easier. There are many difference sources that are openly available to yousome free and others notthat can give you the ability to conduct virtual conferences with multiple parties anytime you want and without needing special  equipment. These include: Zoom, Skype, AccuConference, GoToMeeting, and Cisco WebEX, to name a few.

2. Time Tracking Tools to Boost Productivity

Whether or not you bill your clients by the hour, small business owners can find significant value in keeping track of where their time is spent.

Not only will it boost your own productivity, knowing where each hour in your day is spent, it will help you make much more accurate project estimates to your new and existing clients.

Besides the time tracking Pomodoro technique, there are many time tracking tools available, including desktop applications, online tools, and even services integrated into larger project management software.

3. Online Accounting Software to Simplify Your Bookkeeping Needs

Bookkeeping software is available at many different price points, but they make a huge difference in your ability to grow your business and to increase profit and productivity.

Technology should help you work more efficiently—helping you save time and money.

With Kashoo, you can seamlessly do your bookkeeping on-the-go as all your data is stored in the cloud. The workspace is simple and easy-to-use (it’s not geared only towards bookkeepers) so that you can manage your finances efficiently. If you’re taking your client out for a lunch meeting, for example, you can easily snap a photo of your receipt and upload the expense onto the Kashoo app (available on iTunes). As long as you have your mobile phone on you, you won’t ever miss an expense (or income) recording again.

This will help keep your books nice and tidy, especially come tax season.

4. Landline Alternatives to Enhance Communication

These days, small business owners are no longer tied to an office or desktop computer to do their work (or stay in the loop). Instead of using a traditional landline as their telephone service, there are now a plethora of alternative options: smartphones, virtual phone lines, and VoIP are all great ways to connect and communicate with staff and clients conveniently.

5. Never Stop Learning with Online Business Training

Small business owners likely have a thirst for continuing knowledge and a desire to expand their skillset. With unlimited time and a boundless budget, you could travel the world to participate and network at live training and education events. But of course, most of us are restricted by limited finances and time challenges, so that’s usually not realistic.

Fortunately, there are tons of free online business training programs that are self-paced and a great way to expand your know-howright from the comfort of your own home or office. There are a variety of topics and tons of difference sources to choose from. You can build on virtually any skill online and work completely on your own schedule!

Leverage Technology Solutions to Grow Your Small Business

As low-cost technology solutions continue to become more prevalent and accessible, it’s a no-brainer that small business owners are turning to these technologies to help them expand their business. Kashoo’s simple and easy-to-use software can help you understand your business financials better and give you the data and power to make more profitable business decisions. Not to mention a worry-free tax season!

What are you waiting for? Try Kashoo free today to see how our accounting technology can help you save time, work more efficiently, acquire more customers, and save money while doing it.