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Best Accounting Software for Service-Based Small Businesses

By September 12, 2019 No Comments

Compared to non-freelance careers which only grew by 2% since 2013, more than 7% of Americans have switched to remote, service-based small businesses in 2018. And these numbers are only growing.

Running your own business now comes with the responsibility of keeping your books organized and up-to-date. It doesn’t matter how much you may detest accounting and numbers, if you’re a photographer, contractor, or graphic designeror any service-based small business for that matteryou will likely be your own bookkeeper at some point.

But with so many different accounting and invoicing software out on the market, how do you know if Kashoo is the right fit for you and your business’ needs?

Below are 3 key reasons why Kashoo is the best accounting software for service-based small businesses.

1. Easy Expense Management for Accounting Beginners

Are you a general contractor running your own business? Or running a home-based plant shop? Either way, you’re likely not spending your downtime learning about accounting. Lucky for you, Kashoo’s accounting software is designed for those who are looking for a simple accounting solution, particularly when it comes to expense management.

Tracking your expenses is simple with Kashoo. If you made a business purchase, simply take a photo of the receipt and upload the receipts on the app (along with any other attachments you may want to keep). You can also print checks directly from the software. The dashboard view is easy to read, and straight to the point—making tracking expenses uncomplicated and tax preparation much less troublesome.

2. Simple, Customized Invoicing for Service-Based Small Businesses to Get Paid on Time

Many service-based small businesses (such as designers) experience late invoice payments far too often. With 1 in 10 invoices failing to be paid on time, according to a Sage report, on-time and accurate invoicing is critical to small business bookkeeping. 

Invoicing is one of those things that is often overlooked. All you have to do is duplicate the last one, update the numbers, and voila!—you click send, right? Nope! Invoicing is much more than that. In fact, it can: 

  • Help reflect your brand in a unique way (such as by adding your logo, colour theme, font, etc.)
  • Make the payment process easier (to help you get paid faster)
  • Improve organization (which in turn, leads to a better bookkeeping and less rework)

3. Resources to Help You Get Started (and for Every Other Step of The Way)

Whether it’s basic accounting principles or understanding what proper cash flow management is, Kashoo’s accounting software is created and simplified to help service-based small businesses. Interested in learning more? For more accounting resources, check out here for Kashoo’s Small Business Guidescreated by small business owners for small business owners. We also provide live support through phone, live chat, or email to make sure you get the help you need when you need it.

So what are you waiting for! You can try Kashoo for 2 weeks free, no credit card needed.