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Customer Stories

Bring A Customer to Work Day

By February 24, 2016February 26th, 2019No Comments

One of the cool things we do here at Kashoo is what we’ve come to call “Bring a Customer to Work Day.” While we can’t always bring a customer to our actual HQ, once a month we Skype in a customer for our weekly team meeting.


Recently, we had the privilege of talking with Jen at Shads Advertising. Shads is one of North America’s leading suppliers of cool promo products – working from companies ranging from ski resorts to accounting software (yup, we’re a very happy customer!). They’re dedicated to providing amazing service with quality products, and using Kashoo to run their books helps make that happen. 

Why talking to your customers is important. 

  • Lets your team (especially the folks that aren’t as customer-facing), have a chance to have an open Q&A with your customers.
  • Gives your customers a chance to meet the team! From the developers and finance teams, all the way through to the CEO – we’re all here and ready to listen to all of your feedback.
  • Really get to know your customer. These aren’t just “what’s your favourite feature” type chats (though that info is useful), but bigger questions – how did you get started in your business, what keeps you up at night, what’s your favourite customer story? By getting to really know your customer, you’ll be able to better serve them.

Have you tried customer interviews at your company? Would you love to be the next customer at a Kashoo meeting? Send me a note at