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Creative Nashville-based Husband-Wife Duo Love Kashoo… Y’all

By May 5, 2013February 26th, 2019No Comments

What do a singer/songwriter and an adventure lifestyle photographer have in common? Believe it or not, the answer’s Kashoo. (They’re also married, but let’s focus on the Kashoo part for now.)

Melissa Fuller and husband Tony Czech are, in a word, awesome. Down in Nashville, Tennessee, they’ve built great careers in the creative spaces: she, a recording artist penning songs for some of the city’s best and brightest artists and bands (as well as her own!)… he, a photographer on the verge of launching a new boutique production agency called Movement Media Labs. And like any business owners, they know that sound accounting is key. Check out their story, as told by Melissa, below and enjoy a few music videos! (Did we mention one of them pokes fun at tax season?!?!)

So I’ve actually sung about accounting. Amazingly nerdy, right? But I actually enjoying doing taxes. We gave up on Quickbooks two years ago and had been keeping it real the old school way: Excel and a file cabinet. That certainly hasn’t been efficient and it’s difficult to run reports and get an accurate read on where we’re at every month. With Kashoo, I feel like we’ve finally got a real solution for our business finances that align with our lifestyle. I’m not an accounting-minded person; I’m a creative. I’d rather write and record songs, not pull my hair out trying to do accounting. But at the same time, we want to know how our businesses are performing. That’s a major part of growing and deciding what risks to take moving forward. (In the music industry, every decision’s a risk.) So now our accounting is in the cloud and travels with us around the world. We’ll probably save money on our CPA too! At least he’ll love us more for finally having a real system in place!

Now on to the music videos!

Here’s Melissa’s first single off her last record, “Money, Money, Money.” And beneath that is a spoof of the same song, just for tax season…


Thanks, Melissa and Tony, for lending your time to help us share your story!